Fight back against this law, contact CNN


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Oct 9, 2002
We are all upset with what the US has done but lets fight back, it is easy. The news station CNN which is know around the world has a show called The Situation Room with Jeff Cafferty. He loves to point out abuses of Congress like attaching a gaming bill to a Port security bill and he believes in peopls rights.

If you want to vent and fight back go to
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and express your views politely and if they get enough letter then maybe they will do a spot on this. Use your own words but I recommend concentrating on

how sneaky they got this bill passed by attaching to a non related bill
Taking away our right to choose (gamble online for adults)
Ask them to do a pool if they think this bill should be enacted.

I urge you to go now before Bush signs this into a bill and even afterwards, let your thoughts be heard. You only enter your first name so there is no risk.

Support your rights!


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