Few questions about ECO card, how to add information

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Jan 27, 2006
I added my bank account information, but I just want to check to make sure I did it right....

On the first line I should write "checking account"?

Also, what is a "swift code"? Is that the numbers on the bottom left of my checks?

Sorry for being so dumb, I am new to ECO card and haven't set up that information, and I just made a withdrawl FINALLY!!!

Thank you in advance


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Mar 31, 2007
Not a d:thumbsup: umb question, I wondered the same thing when I signed up..the Brits and probably the rest of the world say "swift" code and for us here in the U.S. it is the routing number so yes to the left of your account number on your check!


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Feb 19, 2004
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I have been down this road before myself and was a bit confused. The "swift" code is used to identify banks Internationally.

You need to ask your bank for the information if your in the states (don't know about elsewhere in the world). It's usually a combination of letters and numbers. I simply called the customer service number for my bank, and they provided it without any problems.

You can also get swift codes from the link below for your bank but it's best to verify it directly with them.

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