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Feeling Sick - Full Tilt Hangover!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by ReggieMac, Sep 17, 2017.

    Sep 17, 2017
  1. ReggieMac

    ReggieMac Experienced Member

    Senior Software Developer
    I feel like shit this morning and really disappointed with myself. Was have my usual Saturday night enjoyable low rolling play on the slots, hit a reasonably good win but was starting to get a little bored. This is where the madness started! Because I was now up a little I thought I would liven things up a little and increase my bet. So I slowly started to creep my bets up from my usual 40p - 80p to £1 - £2. Things got more interesting and all was going well. Then I do not know what came over me, I suddenly had this bright idea to try some high rolling at £5 - £10 a spin. This soon my depleted my previous win of £800 plus £3000 more in additional deposits! What was I thinking. I feel so bad, lesson learned and a break needed I think. :eek::rolleyes::thumbsup:
  2. Sep 17, 2017
  3. benmooe

    benmooe Experienced Member webby PABnononaccred MM webmeister

    Social Media Consultant
    Whenever i sign up to a new site, i always set a deposit limit as i know how it gets. I know it's not always easy to remember but just try to make a note of it mentally or on a post-it. You'll initially blame the limit for not winning as much if it's not paying off but at least your bank balance will be happier.

    Do take a break though, it's a heavy hit to take and i know how it feels.
  4. Sep 17, 2017
  5. lockinlove

    lockinlove Staring into the sun PABaccred

    I work :D
    You can at least feel comforted you are not the only one.

    I think alot of people can say they have done this at one time or another. Ive blown through $5000,00 in one night. And I can tell you its completely normal to wake up feeling trash. Its because you have been relaxing while you sleep and when you wake up it comes rushing to you both the gross feeling in your stomach and the thoughts rushing to your mind. And now that you have come out of the rush of gambling, you really realize what the hell you were doing.

    It will take a little bit but you will get over it and just remember this next time you start tilting or whatever. Control yourself because you dont ever want to feel this way again.

    As for the high bets, i can tell you from experience, 99% of the time it does not pay off. Think about when you are doing $1 spins how many times the bonus is only 20-30x. And think of the money you have lost trying to get that bonus only to have the bonus not even pay half back. Think of how many 100-500x bonus you get per bonus trigger. on average. Not very many.

    Now move those stakes from $1 to $10. And watch how quickly those losses accumulate. Its just not worth it.

    Shake it off and be happy you didnt blow $10,000
  6. Sep 17, 2017
  7. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    Pretty sure we've all been there, done that. I know I have! :oops:

    I usually take a break for a few days at least - it can take quite a while to get back to normal after insane tilting.

  8. Sep 17, 2017
  9. paul7388

    paul7388 Meister Member MM

    not a lot
    glasgow scotland
    A moment of madness that is so easy to do.

    No point beating yourself up about it its done now. Just hope it was money you could afford.

    Done similar many years ago.

    Was playing at Ladbrokes one night. Wasted £20 so deposited another £20 like i do.Big High Roller i am lol. Anyway stupidly i was having one of those nights i was so fed up with everything last thing i should have been doing was gambling.

    Anyway before i knew it i was £300 down which was money i could not afford to lose. Did i quit no. Felt sick but still deposited another £300 in £50 deposits. Had wasted about £600 i really needed. Had raised stakes from 40p up to £2 lol which was big bets for me.

    Felt like shit and it was about 2 in morning by then. Instead of quitting i kept depositing the last 300 orso i had in my bank. Felt ill and mad i was so stupid but at the time i was so fed up with everything somewhere in my head it was telling me its only money and lifes shit so why bother.

    Anyway down to last few pounds i got a decent bonus. Ended up going on a small run and recouped my losses and a couple hundred profit which i withdrew.

    Later in morning it dawned on me really how stupid i was. I had cleared my whole account and would have been in a real mess. Luckily it worked out for me even tho i had to tap £50 to get through next 2 days till money was in account as id deposited every penny from my bank.

    Swore id never do it again and 10 years on i never have blew so much money i needed. Different wasting money i can afford but not money that was needed for bills and to survive.

    Hopefully you never blew money you really needed. Hopefully you do as i did and make sure you do not go as crazy again. All the best and hope luck changes for you.
  10. Sep 17, 2017
  11. miso

    miso Meister Member MM

    I've been there once and never again. Plus if I do it now, this would be the last thing I see after waking up...

    Feeling Sick - Full Tilt Hangover!: wife-final.jpg,Sep 17, 2017

    Better than Gamblock ;)

    Reggie, you sound like you could afford to lose it. Hope that's the case. Anyway, lesson learned for sure and I'd suggest think of it as a gambling budget blown for foreseeable future.
  12. Sep 17, 2017
  13. ReggieMac

    ReggieMac Experienced Member

    Senior Software Developer
    Yes, fortunately, it will not cause me any hardship having lost this money although it could have been used for better things. definitely lesson learned and I have now set 30days TAB's at ALL of my accounts so I can sit back and reflect on how much worse it could have been! :eek::thumbsup:
  14. Sep 17, 2017
  15. nikantw

    nikantw Ueber Meister CAG MM PABaccred

    A bit of this and that
    Been there, chasing losses is a bitch and the road to addiction, not the big win. Gambling Commissions better start limit players loses (open markets, high TRTP, tax only on net profit, fast irreversible payouts).
  16. Sep 17, 2017
  17. ReggieMac

    ReggieMac Experienced Member

    Senior Software Developer
    I think probably the best thing that has come out of this is that I hate this feeling so much that the thought of feeling like this again is so awful that it far outweighs the feeling I had when winning. I hope it stays that way! :cool:
  18. Sep 17, 2017
  19. miksaxxx

    miksaxxx Senior Member

    Computer related
    Done that many times. :oops:

    Hangover and remembering those insane play sessions is horrible.

    Now i have started to put my winnings away from skrill, so the night to remember doesent happen .. atleast not so bad..

    Have noticed that drink and gambling just dont fit together
  20. Sep 18, 2017
  21. bebo67

    bebo67 Meister Member MM PABnonaccred

    Gemix Queen
    Ontario Canada
    I have that feeling now, and its just off of 200 a couple of weeks ago. I'm getting this deep hatred for gambling. I hope it goes away. lol. Then maybe I dont. :rolleyes:
  22. Sep 18, 2017
  23. goatwack

    goatwack Lend me some sugar! I am your neighbour! CAG

    I've not gone 'full tilt' and I hope I never have to....but I've done my fair share of reversing and that stays with you for a long time, and I can recall each and every time I did it too :mad:

    A horrible feeling :(
  24. Sep 18, 2017
  25. pinnit2014

    pinnit2014 Meister Member MM PABinit

    Work with figures, other audit-y things
    Glasgow and Home - N Ireland
    Been there but maybe not as bad - Had a good few days on Bonanza and then went thinking - 'I'll try another site' - gone. Just remember thinking what a plonker when i'd to 'delete' the incoming payment part of my budget spreadsheet :mad: Luckily a Netent game, of all the games, pulled it back for me.

    Nothing like that day after when you do it - mixture of gloomy and self loathing. Luckily it passes and hopefully we're all a bit wiser cause of it;)
  26. Sep 18, 2017
  27. slotter999

    slotter999 Senior Member

    Unlucky mate. A hard lesson is often the best lesson so chalk this off to experience.

    If I could have given you one bit of advice (which I think is too late now as you've SE TAB'd) it would have been to sit tight and see if the 3K deposits gets you on the radar of the VIP team. They'll normally get in contact to introduce themselves and almost always give you a generous kick back by way of introduction. I've used these to soften the blow and undo some of the damage on more than one occasion.

    As for those responding with similar stories but they managed to 'win it all back'. That is not even remotely comparable to going big and going out with nothing.
  28. Sep 18, 2017
  29. philanderknox

    philanderknox Banned User: gobshite troll

    This always happens to me when I up my stakes beyond my comfort zone, I'm sure it affects one's judgment.

    I always tell myself that it is not a loss but a loan, which I'll get back; that way it is not constantly gnawing away at me.

    And I invariably do get it back, after a week or two of grinding out the wins at comfortable stakes.

    Chin up, Reggie, it's only lent.
  30. Sep 19, 2017
  31. DavidShush

    DavidShush Newbie member

    I've tilted before, but never to the point where I've deposited again...unless it was small amounts like £10. Still awaiting some kind of decent win from playing slots. All the free offers pull me in and then I end up chewing through what I had left in the accounts at the time. Lost £120 at William Hill yesterday on some crappy pirate game. Hit a bonus game to be given £20. Worthless.

    What makes me consider tilting even more is stories of how people tilted and won, and all the youtube videos which show it happening. I keep thinking "Now will be my time, surely!". Never happens. One time I tilted and started betting £5 a spin and actually hit a feature. I did this as I'd seen a video of a guy who got £1000 from a £5 spin on the same game. I was about £800 down so thought I was going to be alright. £300 Back. What can you do?

    I wish I had a job where I could make back that kind of money because once it's gone you really feel it. I'm at the point where I don't even play for profit, I just hope to win something back of what they've taken from me over the years. Never seems to happen though. I often wonder why people who earn decent money gamble...I gamble with the hope of winning something. I can afford to lose the occasional £50 here and there, but it means sacrificing other things "normal" people might take for granted and being a skinflint a lot of the time. If I could earn more I'd never gamble!

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