Feel like throwing money into water.


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Sep 4, 2010
What a great Saturday morning, cool weather, a bit cloudy, so decide play a bit. $ 1000 play various slots and VPs in a MG casino. max bet 2.25. Less than 2 hours, all my bankroll are gone. Reels of slots jumpping up and down like a X'mas Elf.
Ops, this pay line is a near hit, missing a symbol on second reel.
Ops again, that pay line is another near hit, missing a symbol on the first reel.
... ... ....
So many hear hits.

1 Free Spin feature on TS(20x), 1 bonus feature on sunset showdown(15x)

Thanks MG for such a great morning.:(:(:(

Feel like throwing money into water.


Oct 26, 2008
i had that herky jerky display before not to the tune $$$ of your stake but they said it was on my end bahh not
i played fun at same casino and played at a sister casino in the group and not a problem

wasn't impressed they gave me half of my $$ back with a 30x W/R

i wasn't a happy cat

PS send the rep a pm for the terrible dis play and hope there fair maybe some consolation


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Sep 28, 2010
Sorry for your bad monring..My morning was the same..Loosed all the deposits made on MG casinos..but in my situation..no bonus game..no free spins...no decent hits (the biggest was 6Xbet..lol)
Is strange because along the week days I hit easy the bonus games..in weekend everything it's diferent..


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Mar 22, 2010
I use to play online at MG's and i quit for some of the same reasons you experienced because of the software issues.

At Riverbelle, i had done 6 deposits and had just about every error consisting of slot reels never ending spins, casino error code 0, constantly being booted out of the casino during play, BJ hands taking forever to come out and roulette ball forever spinning round and round.

Finally, i had had enough, went to live chat and same old story "no problems at our end".

Called using the phone and was told they were aware of the issues and working on it and i was pleased that they were at least willing to admit that the problems were at there end as i have always known this to be the case anyways.

All this was enough for me to decide to quit playing online and go back to B/M casinos and i was glad i made the decision.

One last note, when i got out of the online play, i exited with a decent 5 figure profit.;)