Feedback if possible :)


Feb 1, 2005
I have just started doing this so be gentle.

The site is php nuke based and i am looking to see if in going in the right direction the banners etc just there at moment to see what format look i can go for etc.

It aint finished but want to know am i going in the right direction or do i start over.

I want to use phpnukes full resources for this d/ls for rules at casinos or utilities reviews etc.

So come on tell me what im doing wrong what i should be doing all critisicm taken as its needed for me to go ahead and be successfull at this.

**Android, are you gearing this towards the mail comm only? Just asking.. i don't like the whole 'click here to enter' thing, and yours is a bit saucy ... maybe it will work for some. i think you header takes the focus away from the rest of the page. maybe rearrange the page some to fit better, it seem awefully lobsided! that is just a personal view and opinion - it is a matter of taste too i guess. the page loaded fast enough, so that is a bonus, but your log in and register button is 'dulled' and it might make it hard to spot for the not so experienced surfer. just my thoughts **
cheers for advise as for login it is only needed if ppl use the forum and at moment im not experienced enough for the forum to be up and running unless someonne wants to help get forum going who has experience in this. It is really only a template to guide me and get advise so ks taken on board and i will see how i go.


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