Feds Seize bodog.com


Dormant account
Feb 6, 2012
I was just reading about how the Feds have cracked down on Bodog.com, even tho they've been using a .eu or .co.uk site since 2011. From what I understand if you have a Verisign domain registered site which ends in .com or .net and you allow people to gamble, the Feds can just whip the rug from out under your feet and take it down. We all know gambling's illegal in the US, but I was wondering if this applies to blogs and affiliate sites like this. I mean it seems pretty radical, and I even heard that if you're in the UK you can be easily extradited to the US to face trial like with the TVshack.net guy , it seems pretty worrying. But perhaps the US are just flexing they're online muscles so to speak and an extension of the SOPA issue.

It'd be interesting to hear what everyone else thinks.