feature predict on reel 1


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Feb 19, 2014
Not WMS but jack and the beanstalk (inet) features can be predicted too by listening out for the "ding" sound that signifies a win as long as there is no other wins on the reels
example: two scatters land on reel 1+2 third reel lands with a "ding" sound to signify a win (three or four scatters) now the last scatter will land on 4 or 5 (or both).

ooohhhh will have to watch out for that one .........will turn up the sound when playing netent now :D.....that said ive just remembered that while playing jatbs when you get the wild square when playing the reels.....they also come in a bit quick, so as the wild square moves from right to left if the reels spin a bit quick you should get another wild square drop in. Hope this makes sense......