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Aug 3, 2018
As you might guess from my Avatar, my favourite and most played by a mile slot is Montezuma, the original one, not the megaways version which I personally can't take to at all.
I'll almost always start a session on Monty with the intention of having so many spins and then moving on to something else, but more times than not, I stay on it for the duration.
I know it doesn't have the highest potential (is it around 12500x?, please correct me if I'm wrong) and games like Jammin Jars, DoA2, Primal etc can knock it out of the park on that front, but I love the game play, the look and sound of the three (calendars?) dropping in, the anticipation of the amount of bonus spins its going to award you, and the potential for re-triggers of course.
Sure it can dish up its fair play of bonus guarantees or just over, but on its day it can pay huge.
It's not perfect of course, since its been tweaked there's now a tell in the bonus which lets you know if the spin has won or not before its finished (I just cover the reels with my hand and just look at the multiplier at the top, also, if you look at your balance on every spin you will know if your spin is a winner or not as it updates the balance before the spin has finished, this needs addressing, it shouldn't be happening, but I've learnt to consciously not look at the balance now, I just check it periodically.

So how about you guys, does anyone else have a slot that they play even though there are other slots out there that may offer you that life changing win, and if so what are they?


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Mar 2, 2019
I do like alot of novomatics slots, but the slot i play more than any other is without question Dead or alive.
I think it has the perfect balance between volatility&potential.
Can keep you spinning for a long time if the basegame is in the mood, and once in a blue moon if you are lucky, you get that sweet wildline or the 5 scatters.

I jump around and play alot of different slots, but always fall back on novomatics & Doa.

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