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Jun 28, 2002
Hope I'm not opening up a pandora's box by inviting spammers with this thread...

This has been my experience:

The only two Casino's that SEEMED or USE TO have a pretty good payoff are: King Solomon's & Omni Casino

King Solomon's seems to have gotten greedy since I played a year ago, and when I played twice recently I lost every penny, and it was a short experience to boot. Omni Casino I haven't played in a long time. I don't know how there payoffs are at this time. Mind you, I'm a foolish player and also a small time player, so when I win I don't know when to STOP - needless to say I always lose in the end : ( so I've never had the experience of having to request a payout.

I noticed one of your recommended sites was Slotland? First & second time I played, I never got past the initial deposit & the casino sucked that money up in no time. Captain Cooks same thing. I'm also limited because I have a small monitor, and some software just doesn't work & I also don't use credit, since I find that they've banished approval for alot of online casino purchases.

Any sites that anyone can recommend with better than average payoffs?

Can anyone recommend minimum inital deposit, am I fighting a losing battle by depositing $20/40 and hoping to win?

I looked on recommended sites, and I checked out a few but liked Vegas Country's match bonus and large choice of games (King Solomon's use to be great with that but now their selection is pretty lame). I'll update on how I do - I'll probably lose it all anyway - but I keep on keeping on. Maybe someday I'll get lucky...
You have some good questions; I can say that because they've been my own in the past! I do have some input that you might find helpful. There are a few casinos that receive glowing ratings from users and "meisters" alike that I couldn't win at if my life depended on it. I mention that because Omni is one of them. Comments from and questions to Bryan and Michael Shackelford have led me to the conclusion that games of chance are just that way and there's no sense in getting paranoid over it. I believe there are good casinos out there so either don't gamble where you lose, regardless of positive press, or just try them again periodically when you really have extra cash to burn, just in case. I am not, nor do I ever expect to be, one of those big winners. I've cashed out a few hundred dollars over the year I've been gambling online and I've decided that I enjoy winning within each session, regardless of if I end up at $0 ultimately, as I do cashing out. So here are my picks and I hope they help. You are limited by the types of deposits, but I would look in to Central Coin (although right now they're almost exclusively RTG casinos to WATCH OUT!) and Prepaid ATM. Prepaid has lovely personal customer service, too. For my money, I like Caribbean Gold, but not necessarily its sisters, English Harbor and Silver "something". I like Riverbelle. I also have had good times at Fortune Room of the Fortune group, but after a few good sessions, I can't seem to win at 7 Sultans. The Microgaming Video poker seems sketchy to me. If you like video poker you won't be disappointed at Carib. Try their Deuces & Jokers Wild. Equally as important is your state of mind when you sit down to play. NEVER gamble when you're tired, in a hurry or distracted by other people in the room. Set yourself some personal rules such as only play X dollars at one game or one casino and then MOVE ON. If you're not getting a decent payback on a play by play basis you'll just get stressed out and start making bad decisions. Print out the tables that Shackelford has for blackjack and rules on video poker and USE THEM. Don't deviate even if you think the big score is right around the corner. It's not. I had some outlandish luck at Captain HOOKs (not COOK) one weekend and was tickled pink by all the wins. I haven't done very well since but I don't begrudge them anything because the first time was so great. I've also found that my first time at a casino is the best. I don't know if that's contrived or not, but it holds for me. So maybe you choose from a series of casinos where you haven't played in the past and just try them once or twice until your streak dries up.
Lot of luck. This is supposed to be fun, not a source of income.
Lori :talker:
I have had very good luck at video poker classic, it was the 1st and only casino i have ever cashed out from and i had my payout in my paypal account with in 3 days. the customer support also has been great!
By no means do I consider gambling as a source of income, I have a real job for that. I think anyone who does definately needs counseling. Anyway, since I only gamble $20-40 a pop once in a blue moon, or a little more if I can spare it, I certainly don't expect to win major money. Takes money to make money I guess, but then you're a problem gambler (of course unless you do it in the interest of research, such as the owner of this website). I just think they're all raking in the dough, falsely advertising their big winners & I'd rather spend it at a real casino. I saw one casino advertising "$60 million paid out & still counting". Come on - do they really expect me to believe that. Alot of these casinos are run by "single person franchises". That's why they have such lousy customer service & slow payments. And yes, I lost ONCE again. And I'm really, really, not a lousy player. I do pretty well at a real casino. C'est la vie : )
Hi Cathin,

There are quite a number of casinos that employ a large number of people to take care of marketing, customer service, sales, techno stuff and the works. These are companies that use some of the big name software such as Microgaming, Crypto, Boss etc., or ones that are connected to successful land based casinos. They are able to boast of big winners since many of these companies are quite successful at what they do, especially the compaines that push the progressives.

Then of course there are the operations run by a couple of dudes from their homes, or affiliates passing their casinos off as big company productions.

This is a reason why you need to research the industry a bit before making the plunge.

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