Favorite Casinos...Mac needs to know...


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Mar 7, 2004
i posted this...post :rolleyes: already in the 'complaint's' area...sorry folks. i forgot to leave that area to start my new 'thread' (i'm new to this forum stuff too! :D ) or question. if you could take a few moments to head over there and give me some suggestions and pointers. or heck, if the Meister and/or his Friends don't mind, you can leave you comments to my post here.

thank you all in advance for your help and understanding with this newbie! :thumbsup:

sincerely, ron.
mmclure, before you play at any casino , ask somebody.

Here goes a list of casino that will pay you in less than a week

inetbetcasino same day
breakaway casino 48 hours and less
mapua casino 4 days and less

some casino have pins when u get the pin you can cash out fast

omni casino
2days or less but u have to have a

phoenician casino pays in the same hour

also read all the terms and make a copy of the terms , cause some casinos change in mid play

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