Fantastic Four and Spider-Man slots coming soon


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Feb 22, 2001

The ultimate wall-crawler will be on the Web soon!

Online slot fans with a penchant for comic superheroes can look forward to a major treat in the not too distant future as development work continues apace at Cryptologic's games builder subsidiary Wagerlogic on the latest Marvel world-saver slot, Spider-Man.

Spidey remains hugely popular with the public, as evidenced by the latest in the Spider-Man movies, which grossed over $336.5 million over the northern summer and is generating major DVD and rental sales going into winter. And judging by the popularity of exclusively licensed online games released by Crypto like X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Ghost Rider, the genre has plenty of marketing legs left yet.

Cryptologic's latest exclusive license embraces other fabulously famous characters like the Fantastic Four; Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Thing.....and Marvels flagship character, Spider-Man.

Online players will be tempted to give the new slot a serious spin when it is released, increasing the iconic brand's high profile recognition through the entertainment medium of gambling on the Web.

Justin Thouin, the marketing guru at Cryptologic says: Theres brand equity behind Spider Man that's massive.

Were really hoping that the combination of [the Spider-Man] brand name; the fact that many of our players have grown up reading the comics or watching the movies, in concert with the fact that we feel like weve created two of the best online slot games ever in Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, will really make a great combination."

Both the FF and Spider-Man games will, much like the comics tell a story as well. On top of spinning reels the slot will involve players in saving Spidey's love interest Mary Jane Watson from arch-enemy Venom.

The FF slot will feature animated versions of the four heroes and their powers pitted against arch enemy Dr. Doom.

The storylines associated with each of the Marvel characters translate so well to online gaming, said Thouin. Through our animated icons and symbols and bonus rounds we're able to recreate the experience that a Marvel fan is used to seeing.

The Marvel-CryptoLogic partnership is likely to bring more successful online games to the Web.

Marvel has been so impressed at the quality of the games weve created and the way weve been able to represent their brand, Thouin said. With the response from players in 240 countries around the world, they thought that now is the right time to enable us to offer some of the biggest names in their stable to our licensees and players throughout the world.


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Dec 1, 2005
Spiderman and F4 has available been at Intercasino for 1 week now. So 'comming soon' is not quite correct.

Both slots has some new mechanics as always with the Marvel slots.
I think F4 is the best of those. When getting the feature you can choose from 5 different features. They are all freespins features, but they are are little different. (multiplier, number of spins, expanding wilds, +freespin booster, random multiplier etc.)

From my point of view it seems the EV from these feature are way different.

The worst is feature 5:feature end when bad guy appears on reel 5, which he does a lot (Silver Surfer Mechanic). The best seems to be feature 4. Freespins with random *2 to *10 multiplier random on each spin. The multiplier is weighted towards the low end, but *4 and *5 comes often.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
That's a bit pedantic, isn't it - a week? These news items sometimes get held up in the process or overtaken by the practicalities of getting the games up on the licensee sites.

OK, then - just for you Zoozie - "available now at Intercasino" !!!

Edited to add that the above to one side, your perspective on these new slots is as always much appreciated, Z!


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Jun 16, 2005
The Spiderman slot is the biggest joke ever...

What a well-thought out piece of constructive criticism-not!:rolleyes:

I appreciate that not everyone likes every game, but let's hear a constructive evaluation of the features and why/what you don't like.

I've played both of the new Marvel games at Inter. I preferred the user-choice feature on Fantastic Four over the Spider-Man feature. Spider-Man was good too-nice, subtle background art changes during play, good animated symbols, and great graphics in the feature, but I did prefer Fantastic Four with the choice of feature types.


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Oct 17, 2004
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Oooooh! Handbags in this thread! :D

FWIW, I played Spidey at Intercasino, and managed to hit and complete the "Spidey" feature without even noticing :lolup: Verdict therefore = Rubbish!

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Aug 31, 2006
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Maybe Micro need to look and learn from some of the new mechanics available from Crypto. There's no comparison between the two as far as game functionality goes.

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