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I used resolver they never contacted me viral. .

via email ? ...well how about writing to the head of that committee looking at gambling, say you feel let down, the casino disregarded their duties, you've got gambling issues and it could happen to someone else, or be happening now. You say you don't want it to happen to somebody else, so your case to me sounds like it could be a very good case study/ experience as to why the reverse withdrawal option should be banned, this committee could then recommend that, and help many others in the future.

Gambling Related Harm All Parliamentary Group, Carolyn Harris MP, Chair of the GRH APPG

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Also, no mention of RG issues were raised in the previous thread, in fact he stated he was responsible. He also 'forgot' to mention his wife is self excluded, and he used a joint account with her for deposits. He also sent a letter before action to them months ago and presumably hasn't submitted court paper.
You're wasting your time, have a read through this thread to see
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He has already had CAB, Trading Standards, UKGC, a Parliamentary Committee, a solicitor & every football club look into it apparently, and that would be using the laws that apply only in London rather than the rest of the UK.

sorry Col I was typing a new post before I saw this
I think organisations, mp's etc.. don't want to get involved if they feel it's another gambler just trying to get his losses back, and using them to do so, there has to be an ongoing issue with broader consequences for the gambling public at large, then he might get somewhere, or somebody at least make some enquiries into what happened from the casino side of things.

If I was playing at will hill over the next three months and reversed a withdrawal everyday, redeposited and lost, would they get in contact at some point before I managed to do it 96 times? That's what I wonder, I think they would, betfair have contacted me by email and also by phone simply because my deposits had been a few hundred higher, and they said if I didn't contact them back my account would be frozen. So why wouldn't all these reversals and redeposits raise some sort of RG alarm :confused:
With what Col has detailed above It sounds like a very complicated situation, I've lost about 500,000 brain cells, that I rely upon, since last night just posting in this thread, and trying to make sense of things.

I wish Doubletree well and hope he can come to terms with his problems, I've recently had to tab out of my accounts, so I know all to well the dangers of gambling and how you can get carried away with redeposits. Although I don't like that lame catchphrase 'when the fun stops, stop' it is quite true and wise advice overall.
The important thing to remember is that it wasn't Winbigger. Just someone with a very similar problem
I knew from the first post it was 96 96 96 lol but unfortunately my flooded house took president but now I’m shacked up in a 5 star hotel for 2 weeks I have time for red wine and fun but no Winner Bigger has been banned again ffs can this week get any worse...

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