Fake Moneybookers e-mails around sniffing for your info - BEWARE!


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Jul 31, 2006
CLIFFNOTES: Fake moneybookers e-mails out there who ask for yourinfo, dont give them or be robbed!

I received this one in the spam folder today. It is saying that moneybookers wants to you confirm your information and your account is locked for the time being. It looked so real with all the graphics done and everything that I almost falled for it. However the link does not go to moneybookers but somewhere else. They could not know my name so they just have "customer" in there which is also a giveaway. The link is not working as well.

Beware with these as they look very genuine. Just remember that no e-wallet will ever ask for your information by e-mail. Please feel to remove this thread to the appropriate forum if necessary.

Account suspended
Dear customer,

We are writing you this email to inform you that your moneybookers account has been temporarily suspended for
incoming and outgoing transactions due to a payment you received that is being suspected by our security team as
being an exchange with another e-currency.

In accordance with our terms and conditions, article 3.2, moneybookers strictly forbids exchanges of any kind with
other e-currencies.

To remake your account fully operational, we would like to kindly ask you to confirm your identity by clicking the link
below and filling the forms. Once this this process has been completed, your account will be reactivated.

Reactivate your account
[link to Outdated URL (Invalid)

Feel free to contact our support team for any questions you might have.

Best regards,
the moneybookers security department.


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Oct 13, 2006
Yes, I also had received that e-mail. Like always, be smart and cool..:rolleyes: NEVER submit your personal informations when such e-mails reach your adress:cool:


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Dec 5, 2005
Most people are probably aware on the many attempts of phishing information that can be used to steal your money from e-wallets and bank accounts, but just to make sure: A legitimate company will never ask for this sort of personal information. Never communicate with a e-wallet or bank except through their official contact addresses.

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