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Apr 29, 2004
This is an exact copy of the post that has been posted at 2+2 forum...

Just got wind that someone is trying to mount a phishing attack on ladbrokes poker.

The attacker sends out emails to the effect of 'someone just stole 30,000,000 from Ladbrokes - all players have a right to know - go to xxxxxx' (where xxxxxx is a malicious site that has the name ladbrokes in it, but doesn't actually seem to belong to them).

I purposely left the link out since I don't want anyone to accidentally go there and get infected. All the links on the site seem to contain malware, etc. (So you have to be careful when you click on them). As long as you don't click and download anything, you should be OK - but to be safe, you might want to browse in a virtual machine (e.g., the VMware browser appliance...).

If the mods think its OK, I can post the link in case you're curious (and sufficiently security savvy) - but thought I'd exercise discretion unless I get the green light.

I haven't seen an example of a phishing attack that targets poker players (normally they try to spoof brands of banks, paypal, e-bay, etc.), but figured this was just a matter of time...

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