Fact or Conspiracy Theory?


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Mar 29, 2006
Fact or Conspiracy Theory?
Poker cheats on the rise -'May 10 2006'

Poker cheats are changing the face of the online game, according to two poker playing brothers.

Adam and Douglas Hardy, who test poker software, suggest that people could be winning millions of pounds by cheating their way to victory.

Poker bots and random number generators (RNG) are providing players with the facilities to gain an advantage over their rivals.

The Hardy brothers explain on their poker blog that the cheating phenomenon is "insane".

Adam writes: "Poker bots and the like can potentially change an online poker players' income dramatically.

"It's absolutely insane out there - there is even a brand new product hitting the net that actually lets you change your starting hole cards."

According to the brothers, poker bots are popular because they run automatically and RNG's can often enable players to work out casino codes to predict which cards are coming next.

There are a number of sites on the internet that offer advice on how to spot players cheating at offline poker, but knowing if an online opponent is deceiving you is much more difficult to find out.

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I just saw a web site that advertises cheating in Online Poker Rooms.
I do not know if I am allowed to place a link here, but this is very disturbing.
The site claims to have a way that players can view everyones cards at the table.
This is not good!
I dont think you can change you cards. Wha t happens if he want AA. But someone has A5 another person has a7 another has A8. Now how is he going to get AA when the other three aces were giving to other players.
no, you can't change the cards, but the pm I just sent to MissDevil clearly shows that this system can see your hole cards...
And another intersting thing I seen was PokerBot...Imagine that!!
Cheaters get me so mad!!:mad:
They destory everything that is decent.
I've said it time and time again (not here, until now) that if someone has to cheat then it shows they have no skills in life, have no morals, no values, no dignity, and need to be laid to rest.
Fact or Fiction Poker Cheats

Mainly Fiction,
1. Bots have been exposed on a few sites including suspected bots recently on Party Poker. These appear to have been player initiated and did not appear to have huge win advantages, and play action was very mechanical.

2. Some sites may be using there own bots to fill sites but, so what. No different than playing BJ online.

3. These scams to change cards or see other cards a just that, scams.

4. Almost all online casino games work with some form of RNG.

If one could do this do you think they would sell you the "secret"?

Like one program that was detailed in another thread...

It could change your hole cards of course, but it would be showing you what you *wanted* to see, NOT change the cards that were dealt from the server.

As also pointed out, the only way to change such cards AND to view others' hole cards would be to hack the server itself.

The only *true* "cheating" program I could see is to setup a website to advertise a trojan (server) cheating program, keep track of the IP's of people that download it, then use a client to tell the person distributing the trojan when/where that person is playing, then see the infected persons' hole cards :) Getting the IP once it changes (since most are dynamic) would be easy from within the trojan itself. It could either email it, etc.

This other BS of being able to tell what cards are going to come up, is just that. BS. You'd have to play thousands upon thousands of hands that the program would keep track of, and give you an educated guess of what the next card(s) would be based on past history.

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