face book ?? wtf


so i get a email from face book saying that Greg r... has posted on my Wall click here to see the message ,. so i do that and and see a separate window from face book
with a few teaser lines so i click on them and it brings me to a face book page that wants me to give some one named [questions ] access to my personal info

i do know the Greg fella but not the questions [odd name ] isn't it

i dont trust these community /face book /my space /etc page types of megga enrolled internet sharing clubs

do you ?? RC

GGW Laurie

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I use it as a networking tool and sometimes play the games but like annie I also treat some of the crap on there like junk mail and ditch it:)

I think your question was great RC:thumbsup:



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If it wasn't for Facebook, I couldn't keep up with family and friends. A little junk is the price I pay for that.

The naked butt pic I got the other day was a little much but it went in the crapper with the Virtual group free chip offers. :D


I don't think you should use the internet
Rocky, I bow to you! :notworthyYou know how 'things' are.:cool::D

You are one humble and patient person. And I think we could all learn from you!:cool: should use the internet"

Edit: I only said that because you thanked 'bpb', who posted: " I don't think you should use the internet"

JUST for clarification. lol


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Rocky, it's one of those extra plugins that you can choose to use (or not) through facebook. Here's a link that explains what it does:
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If you want to run it, then yes you do have to give it permission. Personally I don't bother much with that stuff, I've got about 100 "App and Game requests" showing up on my page right now.