EZTP.NET charge me again after 6 months...


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Jul 20, 2003
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I got charge from EZTP.NET again. They authorized the charge on 6/10, 6/11 and 6/15 and "POST" them on 12/5 and 12/6 with total amount $1890. Not only I have to pay the charge, but I also have to pay the finical charge becasue they HOLD the charge for six months. They used the pre-authorization trick, so the charge went through even I closed my account at the end of June. I never owe the credit card company any penny and always paid in full. Hope I can talk to them about this. (sigh)

The whole credit card thing was very mess up with over charge and over credit. But after six months, they DO over charge me now.

I will call my credit card company tomorrow and talk to dispute department to find out what should I do. I also wrote an email to DirectNetPay and hope I will get some response (yeah, in my dream...).

I called EZTP today and they said there are only 3 charges and 6 refund according to their computer (just 1 credit card). But there are total 19 charge and 18 refund on this one credit card statement. Call it crazy! I am so fed up with all these x#&*@. Geez, when will I get away from all these nightmare? I made a mistake to play there and now I am still paying the lesson for it? How long do I have to deal with alll these mess? I am so tired of it. It made me felt saying " Go to Hell, online casino!" Sorry....

Sorry about the venting. I just have enough now, especially before Christmas....

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