Casino Complaint Extraspel set Balance to zero - Huge mistunderstanding going on


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Jan 28, 2016

First of all I want to say this is a great place to be in - awesome community :)

Anyways, I read the rules, but I couldnt find any casino representative for extraspel. So thats why I am reaching out here.

Let me tell you exactly what I encountered with extraspel, maybe some of you guys know what to do in this situation.

On january 25th, I deposit at extraspel casino, claiming a bonus, they sent me via email. I played around 1 hour and was winning a couple hundred euros - everything was great at this point.

Somehow the game got interrupted and stopped working. First I thought my browser just crashed, but as I wanted to login again, I received a message my account got closed. I was really confused and sent them an email instantly.

So after waiting till the next day, I got a response from them, telling me I'd need to verify my identity and my payment method to get my account reopened. So I got all my documents together and send them over later that day (26th january). The refernce number of this email conversation is [#GJS-967335].

So I received a response, stating that my Identity is verified, but my neteller screenshots weren't accepted. I resend the same screenshots on januarty 27th afternoon.Explaining I didnt know how to make a screenshot of my peronal details and accountnumber in the same window I asked how to find the option to do so. The refrence numbver is [#CXD-763361].

So after a couple of days, I didnt receive any answer regarding this and my account was still locked. So I searched a bit more and found an option, where all my details + accountumber are showed within the same window. I sent them another email with my documents and finally all got approved. On 2nd february I could login into my account again.

Nows the fun part. I realized my balance was showing 0€, altough last time I played it was around 700€. So I contacted the support and asked whats up.

They respond, that I withdrew money before finishing the wagering of the bonus. Therefore all the balance was forfeited - Obviously I didnt request any withdrawal, since last time I was logged in, was on january 25th around 1pm. At this point I was still playing games and as u know, I just got kicked out of the game.

So I explained them around 4 times via email, that I never requested a cashout. I even showed them timelines and included all the email reference numbers, so they can follow what happened.

I told them it must be a huge misunderstanding, since I checked my transaction history and found where the problem is.


As you can see, I deposit on 25th january 11:54 am. My account got blocked 2 hours later on january 25th 1:30 pm and was still closed till 2nd february, till all my documents got approved.

So how am I able to request a withdrawal on January 26th 5pm, when my account was locked already on januarty 25th and stayed closed till 2nd feburary? I tried to explain them, but they keep claiming I wanted to withdraw the money and tell me I should contact live chat. When doing so, they forward me to contact support via mail. So I am running in circles and nobody really gets, that this is a misunderstanding.

Also the screenshot says in transaction details "Ruhender Betrag". It is german and it means "resting amount". So I think they just took a precaution and deduct the money first, till my account got verified and forgot to put it back. Now the normal support doesnt realize this and thinks I requested a withdrawal, altough I didnt.

I hope this all makes sense to you guys and I would like to get an opinion of you.

As I said, support send me back and forth from livechat to email support, but nothing really happens and I am left with 0€.


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Oct 10, 2006
Have you tried to check the game you played last when the lock out occured? The funds might just stucked there.


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Jul 30, 2014
Very weird. My first guess was that the bonus might have expired after over 1 week, but according to your screenshot this is not the case. What is the rest of the text there: "Ruhender Betrag gültig b..." ?

Do you have an update?


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Jan 28, 2016
Hey guys, thanks for your replies and the support.

@stokes I checked the last game I played was victorious, betting at 2.5€ a spin and 791€ balance. So when I go back to the game, I have still 0€ balance, and also cant spin, since I dont have any balance in my account.

@hedgehok "Ruhender Betrag gültig b..." means, resting balance valid till... I cant see the full saying, since it doesnt let me resize this window somehow.

I really dont know what to do, I will contact support chat again and kinda hope some rep from extraspel will show up.

I will keep you guys updated!

EDIT: I had another chat with the support and they finally resolved it. THank you so much for the help guys - case closed! :)
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