Extra Chilli Rant


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Feb 3, 2018
Won 9k on Knights Life on Slotsmillion a couple of weeks ago. Decided to play some £100 feature buys on Extra Chilli. Was down to 6k in 30 mins. Game is a disgrace and as said the feature "gamble" on spins is not at any time 50/50. It's incredibly misleading.


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Dec 5, 2013
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No not at all, but very cheeky I may add. The fact that you are awarded high variance feature to start and given no option to choose what type of game you want only by way of gamble. Therefore the reason why we all gamble the feature up is because we want more spins and a realistic chance of getting a half decent return. Don’t get me wrong a very clever design by BTG that psychologically plays on you the gamblers instinct to gamble for that better return.

On that end though you actuallly do not get the better return your taking that huge risk for. Many of features I’ve had at 16 spins + and 8-9 of those spins are dead and the remaining result in the first two lines lining up and looking promising but the third never matching.

It like the BTG rep once quoted that the feature gamble changes the outcome of the slots volatility then will all these feature buys and gambles that have accumulated from the whole gambling community majority losing gambles resulting in a 50x stake net profit each time for the slot then would the base game show bigger hits and extremely more regular feature drop ins expelling the average of 250?

You would think so right? No it’s unheard of. A large number of us are not prepared to waste a very large sum of money to get the bias comunity the stats to prove we are right that the game is flawed and in a large way why would you???? Unless you have the money to throw away....as for accumulating figure from demo play well please don’t make me laugh. That runs a very different rule of thumb in terms of true RTP and PRTP with a RNG designed to sell the slot in a big way. As a developer you would not want your demo game to show the true reality of the slot would you???

i said that days before its release. this slot could very well be the ideal slot for slot developers and casinos. In theory it "has" 96% rtp but over its lifetime it might as well never go past 77% because of all the lost gambles but people pretty much ignored it.


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May 31, 2016
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I’d suggest for all that a calling we got collected evidence we set up a horse fund for the lowest stake £10 buys. A vote on this forum to determine who the horse would be and a cut of 45/55, 40/60 whatever for the time and stream/video of 200-500 buys or more for a given session a long one at that hence a genourous share in the returns.

No rule of how much you donate but someone to moderate the whole horse fund. All whatever the final balance is shall be distributed accoss all donors according to amount invested etc.

Links to the stream/video evidence posted here of results


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Aug 20, 2013
I've played it a a decent amount on 10€ buys and I've definitely had streaks in both directions. Losing the first wheel some 8 times in a row as well as landing 16/20 spins more than 5 times in a row. It's obviously incredibly high variance to buy the bonuses and gambling for more spins only increases that. I'm also pretty sure BTG have stated that each spin in a bonus is simply a new separate normal spin every time. If that weren't the case they probably wouldn't go around saying that there's just no point to do that. People seem to have a real hard time dealing with randomness and with this kind of slot design and variance you're just bound to get mind boggling good and bad luck.