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Dec 21, 2012
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Anybody care to share their experiences with the New Jersey casinos thus far? Where do you play mostly, connection and location verification problems?

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one playing at these places, come on New Jersey, chime in here.

I'll start by saying I have whittled down the array of online casinos available to just 3 which get the lions share of my business. In the order of my preference;

1) Virgin Casino. I like playing here mainly because Virgin was the first to offer WMS games and I support them for taking that step. They offer the fastest payouts I have ever experienced. There is zero pending time and a few seconds processing time. There have been times where I would deposit using ACH transfer in the morning, get a good run going, cash out after a few hours and have my winnings in my bank account via ACH the same day. I can't say much about their support because I never need it but the few times I have contacted them for non-critical things they have always been quick and responsive and pleasant. Connection problems, lag times, and location verification problems are virtually non-existent here. They are falling behind a bit in the number of slot games available but there is still plenty of variety there and it seems like every time I deposit and don't cash out there is always a couple of bucks put into my account the next day.

2) Golden Nugget Casino. This is where the greatest number of slot titles are available from the most varied providers. Currently there are 163 slot games available and it seems like they adding more every week. The Bally games are what initially got me started here. I do have fairly regular location verification problems here where the game will stop in the middle of spin and tell me my location can't be verified but I just close that game and immediately re-open it and it works fine. Support is excellent, probably the best among the New Jersey casinos. The few difficulties I have had or questions I have asked of them have always been handled instantly without the need to elevate the complaint or open a support ticket. They offer cash outs with zero pending time, a few hours to process and 36-48 hours to get into my bank account. Their promos and bonuses are very weak and I rarely take them.

3) Borgata Casino. I really want this to be my favorite place to play because, well, they're Borgata and I love the land based Borgata and they are still the only Casinomeister accredited casino in New Jersey. They have the best promos with mostly just 1X play-through. Good progressive jackpot games and the only downloadable client available in New Jersey. Payouts have zero pending time and are credited to my bank account 2 to 3 days later. For me, location verification has been horrible and it is now at the point that I can't even play at this casino anymore. No matter how I try to connect (I have 5 different wifi providers to choose from) I get "Sorry, you cannot play from your current location". IMO, their support is totally useless. The live chat window tells you you are first in the queue with like a minute or two wait time and it never connects. When I call them on the phone, mostly concerning my location verification problems, they tell me I have to contact my IP and hash it out with them. They tell me where I am attempting to play from based on the web site 'whatismyip.com' which is not even the system these casinos are supposed to be using. My IP addresses work fine at all the other places so it is not a problem with my IP but they just don't get it. This is not the only times I have had to deal with them and they have always been pretty much useless.

Resorts Casino gets an honorable mention here mainly for the Nextgen and Aristocrat games and the low stakes 'bonus spin roulette'.

That's about it for me, I would love to hear how my fellow Jerseyans are doing.

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Jun 13, 2009
Thanks for posting this. There's not a lot of first hand info out there on these NJ casinos. I'll try to give you a brief rundown of my experience. I've tried most of them (everyone that offered a free chip, basically). I think the only one's I haven't tried are new ones like Pala and Mohegan Sun. Nice to see new ones popping up though.

I think I've at least had 1 small cashout from all the big ones:

Tropicana - limited game selection. I think this is the 1st one I cashed at. No fees for ACH. 2-3 turnaround. They have a daily free game that can win you free spins, and if you play it every day, I think you get guaranteed free spins at the end of the month.

Harrah's - SUPER limited number of games, but some exclusive games, which is nice. When I tested them, I submitted a withdrawal request (for $75), and actually won some more while the withdrawal was being processed. A rare thing, but nice to see.

Virgin - I didn't win there at first, but they gave me a small bonus (like $3) after I zeroed out. Managed to turn that into a $100+ withdrawal. Will probably check them out again soon.

Borgata - Took a while for me to win there, but after a handful of deposits, I hit my only Royal Flush on Game King poker. Withdrew, and haven't had any luck at all with several small deposits since then.

Betfair - The latest one I've tried. They have a TON of games, and a handful of exclusive ones. I like this. Min $10 deposit. Withdrawal may take an extra day or two, but still free.

Golden Nugget - Took a few deposits to win something here too, but eventually did and the withdrawal process was smooth, just like everyone else.

I don't know who I would rate the best. I try not to go right back to one if I had a recent withdrawal, but they all seem fairly similar. Harrah's has the least games, i believe (similar to 888), but I like one of their exclusive games. I like Betfair's exclusive games. I feel like jackpot chances are better at Borgata or Golden Nugget (I think), but I like Trop and Virgin as well. Lol, this is wildly unhelpful I'm sure, but they're all pretty cool imo. If I ever narrow down a favorite, I'll make sure to post about it.


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Mar 23, 2005
Played at borgata one.. Won some and did the cashout where i picked it up in person.. Was easy enough. verification was easy enough, no problems, just wish they had more games like they do in there land based casino. Only played slots

Heard golden nugget just made a deal with netent.. we might be able to play all those great games from new jersey soon like dead or alive..


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Jun 30, 1998
Just to chime in here real quick: it would be fantastic if NJ players would sign up for the Meister Minions. So far we only have BigJohn - :thumbsup: - but we could really use more NJ casino data for our database. If you are in NJ and re actively playing, Link Outdated / Removed.

Now back to the topic at hand, US taxes. :p


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Nov 12, 2006
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I am mostly a video poker player- paytables are far superior to what is offered at the landbased casinos in Atlantic City.

I have cashed out from the following: Virgin, Tropicana, Harrahs, Betfair, Caesars and Golden Nugget. Virgin/Trop/Golden Nugget-1 business day; Harrahs/Betfair/Caesars-2 business days (ach/wiretransfer)

W2gs (1200+) from Tropicana, Golden Nugget and Caesars.
Tropicana - confirmed the w2g win via a popup on the screen, and they then sent the tax form via email. Not requested to sign.
Golden Nugget - sent the taxform via email, no acknowledgement while playing of a taxable win, no request to sign.
Caesars immediately removes the winnings from your account, and you then have to wait until the njsupport dept. sends you the taxable form, which you must sign and scan back. Once received, Caesars will then release the monies back to you. if you win during a weekend, this process takes about 2 days

Mobile Device functionality - virgin/trop and resorts works best on my apple devices.

I recently won on Caesars - (for the first time I had to provide a copy of my credit card used to deposit -support cited new security procedures) and when I receive, I will update MM.

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