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Jan 12, 2007
I've tried out a few Online Casino's in the last month - wanted to share the experiences to help people out. It's ok, I'm not getting kickbacks or anything, and I'm certainly not including affiliate codes.

I'll cover the important stuff - customer service speeds, payout speeds, quality of software, anything annoying.


888.com/Pacific Poker
Email Speeds: 1/10 - Dismal, Responses Took around 40 hours.
Telephone Support: 3/10 - Poor, Quick to Answer, but lack of knowledge and organisation lets them down.
Cashout Speeds: 0/10 3 days just to start processing, so that you can reverse it :/ 6 days to Wire Transfer to me.
Software: 7/10 - No real flaws. Though their poker interface is annoying with random promotional popup messages.
Other: Received spam.

Ladbrokes Casino & Poker
Email Speeds: 11/10 - The shortest I waited was 4 minutes, the longest, 29 minutes.
Telephone Support: - 8/10, Quick to Answer, Quick to Resolve Queries.
Cashout Speeds - 10/10, Immediately Processed, 22 hours to Wire Transfer to me.
Software - 5/10, I hate the Microgaming Poker Platform, and the wallet to wallet transfer to play between the games is annoying.
Other - Incredibly Annoying Promotional Popup Messages on Poker Software to encourage you to join tournaments... I'm talking every 2 minutes.

Grand Hotel Casino
Email Speeds: 6/10 - Around 12 hours. Not awful, but not great.
Telephone Support: 9/10, Answered Immediately, Immediately Resolved issues and had answers to all questions.
Cashout Speeds : 7/10, About a day to process back to Neteller.
Software: Standard Microgaming - Nothing to note.
Other: Nothing notable.

Golden Palace
Email Speeds: 4/10 - Around 24 hours.
Telephone Support: 8/10 - Small Hold Time, But Good Resolutions.
Cashout Speeds: 5/10 - Pretty average. Took 4 days all up to cashout to Neteller.
Software: Playtech - Pretty Good Overall. Like the Live Dealer Games.
Other: Idiot Promotional Stunts are a turn off.

Cheers guys. Hope it helps out.

Pretty much how I would have rated those... :thumbsup:

888 is notoriously slow for cashing out (up to a week) - but you will get paid.
Golden Palace...? A bit dodgy..:rolleyes:
Ladbrokes - totally excellent!
Grand Hotel - gotta love them - made $600 profit off their sign-up bonus! :cool:

Also agree about the poker - the Prima platform is incredibly poor considering it's from the same software provider as arguably the best casinos... :confused:

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