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Jun 23, 2017
Does anyone have experience with Tonybet Casino and payouts..?

I've certainly made dozens of deposits there and verified my account a long time ago.
Already made 2-3 payouts, all of which were done in 4-5 hours with Skrill and paysafecard ..

So far so good...:)

But now to the current problem::confused:

After my last deposit (as always without any bonuses)
I had my greatest luck in the last 15 years and won 7500.-

The joy was great and I wanted to pay out:thumbsup:

Now I've been told I can only pay out 3000.- daily and only back to paysafecard...

Ok 3000.- a day for a Casino?
but ok so I made the withdrawal request for 3000.- on paysafecard..!:thumbsup:

When the payout was still not processed after 24 hours, I asked how long it would take...

Response may take up to 48 hours.

Ok, these 48 hours are over now, but the payment has still not been processed..?

NATURALLY I've gambled away (as probably intended) 2500.- :rolleyes:

but I would like to finally pay out the remaining 5000.-!

but the 3000.- have been in process for 2 days now .:confused:
. and before that I'm not allowed to apply a second time for the remaining 2000. - I was told..??

I thought with an EU politician at the top TonyG
and an EU license from the Estonian Gaming Authorities, it should be handled seriously..?:confused:

Does anyone have experience with larger payouts there or with the license that I actually thought was good..?

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