Experience with Spy Casino?

One HUGE red flag that sticks up is the fact they offer Paypal for depositing. Paypal banned all online gaming transactions in 2002. That plus the fact they publish (alleged) winners' first and last names on their main page. Beware!
Why do you have to play in a casino called .www.xxxxxxx.biz ?
I really don't get it...
Are you willing to put in danger 500$ of your own for a 100$
suckers' bonus?
There are so many other casinos out there.
I do not think it is worth trying....

( I do not know the casino or have anything bad to say
but aren't there any other .com names....? )
When there are so many Casinomeister accredited with the same or better bonuses, I wouldn't be willing to try it.
Eh...when I check out casinos its not just for the bonuses. I just want to try different things. Different software, different games...etc.

At any rate, I tried them, and I thought they were ok. They had live chat support, and were able to correct a small problem I had immediately. The payment processor doesn't actually take Paypal like the web site said, so maybe that's outdated. Also, the payment processor is based out of Isle Of Man, which is a pretty solid place to have it in.

I cashed out with Neteller and while they said it will take 24 hours, it actually took them 3 days, but still no biggie.

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