Expekt Multiplayer Blackjack glitch ?


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Jul 26, 2005
Perhaps this is meant to happen I am not sure, but seems a bit odd to me.
If you play normal single hand blackjack and you bust or you get a blackjack the dealer does not draw cards as obviously he doesn't need to.
Now if you play multi-hand blackjack if you bust the dealer still draws cards, ok that doesn't make any difference. But if you get a blackjack the dealer still draws cards and if he makes 21 you end up with a push rather than being paid 3-2. Also if you make 21 and the dealer has a blackjack (it appears to be no-peek) then you also get a push. Is this a glitch or is it supposed to be like that ? I mailed them about it but got no response. Also clicking on the game info or strategy buttons seems to produce an error as I was wanting to read the rules to see if this was supposed to happen. This rule isn't in any blackjack game I know of.
Here is a screen grab to show you what I mean...
brutaldeluxe do you have a link for their table rules? :confused: I find the site hard to navigate and doesn't work for me in mozilla
seems to me BJ should always beat regular (forget term) 21..unless some special version? hmmm
Well as I said I looked for it too but you are told there are three buttons under where you play. One of which is "game info" , pressing this will apparently get you the rules of the game. Problem is it just says error on page when I press it. Same for the other two buttons as well. Tried it in mozilla firefox and internet explorer and got the same on each.

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