Eworldwide Casino Out of Business?


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Feb 8, 2003
Looks like these guys are out of business. Their website at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) has been unavailable for a couple of days and since all their games are java-based, you can't play any games. This casino was in the casino cautions section of the casinomeister news a couple of weeks ago for suspending payments. I have a pending withdraw with them since Jan 19th and it looks pretty bleak in terms of me getting paid. All my email to them inquiring about the status of my withdraw have been ignored.

Does anyone have access to these guys and can follow up to see if they intend on repaying their players?
call them at 1800 824 2448

they owe me close to 1600 (I hit a Royal there). they claim to be suffering technical difficulties and say that they will be back up soon.
Here's the Casino Caution on these guys. The response came from manager@eworldwidesportsbook.com.

eWorldwide Casino.com promise extensively on their website that they send payouts within 24 hours. But when some players went to withdraw via the Neteller link this week they found it disabled. Thinking it was a technical glitch the players contacted Support to ask about their honest withdrawals. Bad news. The phrase that sets alarm bells ringing because it so often heralds a casino going bust came next when they were told by eWordwide staff that all withdrawals were being "audited" because of bonus abuse. The other classic sign of a troubled operation soon followed when emails sent to the casino were ignored.

Manager Randy Peterson had an explanation for us. Apparently his marketing people launched a promotion that was only supposed to go to recipients on a specific email list. Unfortunately in the promo newsletter this was not stated. The promotion was then publicised by some of the players who had received the email. Inundated with bonus hunters, the casino management decided that as the fault was theirs they would open the promo up to all new players whether they had received the email or not. The "overwhelming" response brought with it an influx of bonus-hungry gamblers, and upon investigation while doing the payouts the casino staff apparently noticed that many players had illegally applied for the bonus multiple times. In a bid to sort out the situation, a decision was made to suspend all casino payouts whilst each and every player account that had applied for the bonus was thoroughly checked.

Peterson claims that at the time the suspension came into effect some 60 percent of the successful players had been paid, and he promises - without a timeline - that the remaining payouts will be forthcoming once the "audit" is complete.

The site is still down. It was using Mercedes s/ware who on past performance couldn't give a damn about players in this situation.

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