Evolution "Live" Roulette is CROOKED!


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Aug 21, 2017
You sound like you've gone through a very detailed and logical process. It makes a refreshing change for someone to dig deeper and have evidence to back up their conclusions. I'd love to see the data you've collected.

Exactly what i would be very interested as well (like been asking from many threads same kind of data about slots and their pattern behavior which makes winning impossible as they recognize etc...), these kind of patterns would be relatively easy to recognize if people just could make that much effort that request some whole game history from casino and back these conclusions up by actual gameplay.

Maybe one day somebody could make that much effort that these cool stories would be backed by facts when there is no need to read these posts where everybody are not 100% buying all stories about casinos really high technology which connects all game providers and doesn't matter which games you play, make you always lose exactly same way.

This roulette one shouldn't be too difficult to demonstrate these one in trillion times odds. Requesting history of all played roulette rounds should be back it up quite well if poster here have been able to make clear conclusion about it, all the hard work done and easy one left, hope you still have energy for that.