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Feb 11, 2013
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Evolution has soft-launched Live Craps today.

It's the first live dealer version to be released in regulated markets. Vivo Gaming had a game developed many years ago, but it's never seen the light of day.

In my opinion, they have done a great job. It's a great addition to their game portfolio and ready for them to conquer the US as markets open up for them.

Link to my review -
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I'll be doing a video shortly to explain the basics.

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Will be interesting to see how the game plays at speed. Assuming all payouts will be automatic so game will be much faster than usual. Little or no social aspect too. No ego trips for a long roll etc. Unless theyve somehow included that? Bonus for shooter maybe?
The transition from RNG to live is very nice. Studio/set up also nice.

Dice can go out of screen area if not in full screen on desktop which is bad.

Music is tedious. Couldn't see a way to turn it off without muting dealer. That being said, the first dealer was intelligible and the second clearly didn't want to be there lol.

Game speed is nice.

Not sure on the 'single roll' aspect to it. Needs a 'pro' button to allow bets to remain as well as a press option. Kind of how the game is supposed to work IMO. Also no way to call bets off. No way to have certain bets on or off during come out roll. I might have missed things if course!

Nice to play but seems dumbed down for newcomers. Probably essential though considering the difficulty in learning the game on your own at home.

I'll be playing again though.

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