Everymatrix Social Responsibility Form


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Jan 8, 2019
This is possibly due to their link up with beBettor, who they have partnered with, as they try to get their UKGC licence suspension lifted. This was covered on Casino Gazette here: EveryMatrix Take Action to Get UK Licence Reinstated

Yes, this looks like the beBettor survey mentioned in the press video from the owner. As the owner mentions, they will gather all of your playing information from all of your accounts - bet size, frequency, time playing etc and combine that with personal information such as age, area you live in, income etc and create a rating which goes back to the casinos (presumably with all the playing information data) based on your affordability.

So if your loaded, living in Chelsea then you'll be allowed to gamble? If your loaded, living in Jaywick then your affordability will be questioned? What about if your income is gambling? Say your lucky but living in a poor area with no regular income will your play be restricted even though your winning? If you are winning constantly is there an affordability issue and if not, the minute your account is showing minus how does this affect your score? What about players who, assumingly, plough week after week into a game like Bonanza seeking the one big hit that puts them in front?

The idea is solid. If your going to be looking at affordability then you do need to look at the whole picture. Its the execution and how the information is used which is concerning.


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Mar 12, 2019

I got this off Jetbull too. Yeah I am SE on GamStop but the whole account assessment it is crooked as hell.

I never even made s deposit there. This sort of tactic should not be allowed to happen.

What if a problem gambler had an account they had forgotten? They get that email, try their luck and hey presto, do their bollocks