everest casino spamming me


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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
just been spammed by this lot, not heard of them before and dont look like any others i have used either, so a bit annoyed as to how they have got my email address.

says powered by grand virtual, ive never played at a GV casino, so whats the lowdown with this lot ?

sign-up bonus is $30 for a $5 deposit with a WR of 5xB, this seems to be to good to be true.

if it is genuine, then i'm pleased that the joyland promo manager has been able to find alternative employment :)
scrollock said:
if it is genuine, then i'm pleased that the joyland promo manager has been able to find alternative employment :)

Do they give out comps?

Never buy anything from a spammer, though... Even if its only five bucks to get the bonus I wouldn't want to give my account info to someone who doesn't respect my privacy :eek2:
I think the software is pretty descend.

I have played at several GV - and if you win you will get your money within a few days.

I won 525$ playing BJ - in my account 2 days later.

...Im not sure if everest casino is okay - i have played there with no luck.

GI Joe
what a cheek!

i cant beleive this! i know how they got my email address, because i gave it to them!

just done a little bit of research and they are associated with affilate web attractions (AWA).

i signed upto them about two years with a view to expanding my own web activities (i have a gambling related website, although not casino related), and i actually started playing casinos to learn a bit more about them before taking the plunge.

in the end i decided against it as my site had taken a different direction.

but this now begs the question, if i had taken up the casino, would they have stolen my player list and sold it to the higher bidder ? for it seems to be an affliate code in the link the email.

and i guess more importantly, anyone who has an AWA casino at the moment, how do you know that AWA is not driving your traffic through another of their sites.

ive seen the AWA rep on this board, hopefully they will respond before i take this to the complaints section.

the important issues are

a) why are you (or your affliaites) spamming ?

b) are you selling off player lists of your affliates ?

c) are you ripping off those who sign upto you ?

i'll pm them to alert them to the thread
Email about Everest Casino


You did receive this email because you are part of our partner program. We have just launched www.everestcasino.com and were letting people know about it. The affiliate link included is your own affiliate link and you would get credit for any revenue you generated for yourself. We do a number of cross-promotions introducing Everest Poker, for example, to our casino players.

We NEVER sell or rent our lists to anyone else and we only promote our own properties. We NEVER give affiliates any player names, even the players they acquired.

The bonus offer is accurate. If you deposit $5, you get $30 in bonus chips with a 15 PTR. You can read about game exclusions at our site.

If you would like me to close your partner account and put you on our unsubscribe list, I am happy to do so. Just send me a private message with the email address where you received this mailing. I can then find your account and close it.

Sorry for the inconvenience of the email.

Best Regards,
Jennifer Miller Joyce
VP of Marketing
Affiliated Web Attractions
ive just checked and


it is my affiliate ID!!

so big apologies to awa

just a quick couple of questions

i've not promoted the casino(s) or put them on my website, but i'm sure i signed up for the build your own casino, am i still able to do this rather than have the everest casino ?

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