Ever heard of "Michael Vernon"?


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Jul 20, 2003
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Basically, I stop playing for 1 month now. But I still check the forum every 2-3 days. It's fun to read all the post.

However, I found this professor Michael Vernon when I was surfing the internet tonight. Any one know him? He sure charge a lot of money to teach Black Jack.

Cipher, you should consider to use your software to do stuff like this. ;)

Have a nice day~ :)
If you want to learn BS head on over to the Wiz's site for free. If its land casino as in counting a good place to go is bj21.com There should be no great costs to learning involved, a couple of booksa a few charts.
Good Cards!
Very heavy on salesmanship and metaphysics, which I find very offputting. I like substance, not presentation.

I would not spend money on his BJ seminar. You can learn everything you need to know about card counting and more from Wong's Professional Blackjack for less than $20. If you just want to learn basic strategy, there are many books and websites where the information is available.

You can certainly skip the elementary craps seminar, most casinos in Vegas offer free lessons. It is not quite clear whether the advanced craps seminar teaches dice setting, if the Wizard says that there may be something in dice setting then I believe that there may be something in it, but there is no conclusive evidence either way. Even if it works, I bet it requires a lot more than just attending a seminar. I also find it odd that these dice setters seem to spend a lot more time just teaching dice setting instead of playing.
Thanks, gentlemen. I will NOT spent a dime on this stuff. I was just amazing how could he sell seminar at such high price? And people actually pay him to learn???? :eek2:

I am totally off gambling now. Summer vacation is the most busy season in my life. Have a nice summer! Keep Cool~ :cool:

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