Ever feel like your account is rng broken? Bovada is killing me

Bovada is funny, I asked how much I've paid in since my last cash out and they didnt tell me, here is the reply lol


Cant even answer my question
Yeah I'm pretty sure they outsource their customer service somewhere pretty cheap and don't pay them a lot so you end up with people that aren't particularly knowledgeable, are just trying to get through your question as quickly as possible, and in some cases may not have the best grasp of English. So the problem is you don't know for sure if they just didn't want to tell you how much money you'd deposited or if they missed what you were asking. I would still probably try one more time and tell them that's all well and good but I would like if they could send me my deposit history for my records, then I might give up if it still didn't work.

Was also on that Goldbeard that ended up hitting at $22K, I find the higher jackpots do tend to pay out more in bonuses when you're betting small. I fired as high as $5 on Goldbeard under the delusion that higher bet size gives a higher chance to hit the random and scored 2 bonuses, both 15 spins, both yielded less than 20x bet.

Regarding goldbeard/other RTG games and bet sizes, the size you bet shouldn't affect the gameplay and I believe most likely that's true. Meaning whether you bet $2 or $5, you should get about the same number of bonuses and they should pay out a similar multiplier of your stake on average. But the $5 bet increases your chance of hitting the random jackpot per spin. The chance is proportional to the size wagered.

If I were going to be worried about something, it would either be that they just outright reduce the RTP (different reels or weightings) when the jackpot gets higher or for individual players, though I don't think either of those is likely. You do see at live casinos that different coin size or denomination games may have different RTP settings, but I haven't really heard of that happening online, unless for games that specifically mention you must be playing max coins for some reason (jackpot qualification, etc.)

In other words, if you wager $1000, whether it's 200 spins at $5 or 500 spins at $200, you have the same chance of hitting the jackpot. There's no need to raise your bet any higher than you would like to (unless you're concerned that someone else could hit it soon so want to wager more before that happens).
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Is there any confirmation that bet size increases your chance at the random? I've heard from CS that it is not true.

Also, just hit another 515x bonus minbetting the whopper on 777 Deluxe.Screenshot_20200529-000959_Chrome.jpg
As I said in the start of my previous comment, CS is not always knowledgeable, and sometimes they will get you completely wrong information.

As an example, a couple weeks ago I was making a deposit, loaded the cashier through the downloaded casino and it popped up a webpage with a site name like "ignition473-dot-eu," just some random number in there. Sure sounds like a fishing site, right? So I go to support on the normal website to make sure it was a legitimate website, and they tell me it's not. After about 20 more minutes of dealing with support, finally manage to get them to confirm that it was in fact their website and not some sort of fishing attempt.

If they can't even tell me whether or not a website I'm supposed to deposit on is a fishing website or if it's their own legitimate site, can you be confident that some random support person is giving you the correct information on a technical question about a 15 year old slot? Unfortunately, probably not.

In terms of perfect confirmation of what I said, that's going to be difficult to find. While it's an obvious assumption, the game does not tell you that information. However, these slots have been discussed on here for years when RTG was more popular and it wasn't just a handful of people on this quiet section of the website, and I'm pretty sure that specific piece of information was confirmed by someone who worked at RTG. But it would be tough to find the actual info. I'm like 99.9% sure it's correct though.

So basically, how it works is that if say a slot is designed to payout every $500,000 wagered (just a hypothetical number, I don't know the exact one, and it may depend on the slot.) So every time you spin $5, you would have a $5/$500,000 = 1/100,000 chance to hit. If you spin $2, you have a 1/250,000 chance. So wagering $1000 in $2 increments or $1000 in $5 increments ends up with the same chance of hitting. Your chance is directly proportional to the total amount you wager. So I would recommend just wagering whatever amount you are most comfortable with, rather than raising or lowering it expecting the slot to play differently or the jackpot odds to be different.

That's just for the randomly awarded jackpots though, if you play a game with a jackpot based on a payline win it may be different (like 5 wilds or whatever).
Amount wagered does seem to make more sense than # of spins. Basically, you're covering a spread with each bet, if the random jackpot is set to $174,322.21 for example a $20.00 bet would cover 2,000 one cent 'spots'.
I have been losing nonstop ever since sports have came back. Assuming something is going on since they are trying to recoup all the money they have lost during the sports pandemic. I have been doing ok on sports but they are now delaying payouts up to 3 days and deposits take hours to credit. I also tried to bet 40 bucks on the Celtics and it took 400 instead of 40.00. Support couldn't help me.

I also keep getting disconnected every time I am starting to do well. It says unable to connect and then I come back and lose. I built up to 1200 on ignition on a deposit bonus and then lost everything. I went stone cold dead trying to complete wagering. I am going to only bet sports for a while.

But something seems off,

I would be careful. Especially since 5dimes just closed it's doors to U.S. It might be happening to others as well. I am sitting here waiting for a payout for almost three days. Really annoying, I am also waiting for vegascrest payout for 7 days now.

I am so sick of all of this. I wish it was all instant payout.
These are some are great 3dice stats.....been like this for months. I am about effing sick of it.


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These are some are great 3dice stats.....been like this for months. I am about effing sick of it.

Yea thats just so bad Jel, I mean I get rng but that doesn't even look like proper rng to me for a slot. I feel I'm in the same boat as I said to you earlier, I like 3dice but outside of those few lucky nights I'm not have much fun anymore. It feels like any time they're hot and i bump up in wage they totally down shift and become colder than a witches clit.
These are some are great 3dice stats.....been like this for months. I am about effing sick of it.
Given RTP is over tens of thousands of spins, not a few hundred, those don't really say much other than you didn't have any good bonuses.

3Dice is pretty transparent with their slot RTPs on their Zeitgeist page and they all seem competetive for online casinos.
Given RTP is over tens of thousands of spins, not a few hundred, those don't really say much other than you didn't have any good bonuses.

3Dice is pretty transparent with their slot RTPs on their Zeitgeist page and they all seem competetive for online casinos.

This is what they look like month after month. I have played there since they opened. I know all about how it works there.

Ill see if I can find the set with thousands of spins and an RTP of 59% that was really a really fun month. I am not a low roller either.
Old thread BUT valid to this day. I find it amazing how you can get one good spin then tons of bad spins IN A ROW. TO me in my head anyway thats not random thats rigged. My RTP sometimes is high but over the past year has been REALLY low. My last count was like 30%. Thats when I stop playing for months on end then go back and if still bad their loss. I honestly dont mind losing if i can tell its random but many times now the RNG is totally predicatable....(casinomax) just sayin...
I've hit more bonuses that pay under 5 bets this month than ever. Nothing like winning 15 free spins with 5x multiplier and a wild reel that yields 3.5x the bet.

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