WARNING Europlay-Malta: no pay, no Customer Service


Complaints (PAB) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
A player had come to us with a non-payment issue: over a three-month period ending in Nov 2010 the player had requested three withdrawals totaling over €1100, all withdrawals were approved, none were ever paid. After the casino requested the player's bank details the player never heard from them again. The player's attempts to raise the issue with the casino and our attempts to discuss the player's Pitch-A-Bitch with them were all ignored.

Warning: Europlay-Malta is not paying players, is ignoring player issues and third-party efforts to raise those issues on the player's behalf. Players are strongly advised to avoid this casino.

Europlay-Malta uses NetEnt software (??, CTXM ??), is operated by Internet Finance Service S.L., is incorporated in Spain and appears to be licensed in Malta.
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