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Aug 17, 2006
New Zealand
If anyone wants to talk about Sportsbooks with a European flavour - either the UK books or the Gibraltar / Maltese books then I'm all ears.

Generally they're a pretty safe bunch to use these days.
Anyone got any praise or bitches to give out ?
anyone have info if this current Mansion football promo is legit.......seems too good to be true....there has to be a catch, no?

their promo says bet $1100 on a certain game and they will refund the entire amount should you lose
Basically you've got it summed up there.

They've done this before for European football games - but the covered limit has been a lot smaller at just GBP 100 (around USD 170).

In this case there appears to be a USD$1,100 cover - and there does not "appear" to be any wagering requirement on the cash back component if they refund.

I'm curently waiting on an email from their marketing man Chris Taylor to confirm in writing that there are no "surprise" fishhooks on this one.

More details in our
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which I will update when we get the confirmed response.

I am a Mansion Affiliate - but I'm on a monthly fee - not a per signup basis.
So What I'm writing is probably on the level.

I got the reply back from MANSION's Chris Taylor - and it's all good news.

1) It does have be a USD $1100 bet ...
2) There are no play-through requirements.

Fill yer boots with this one.

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