europalace 1st experience :(


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Jan 11, 2012
hi tonight i took europalace up on there no deposit sighn up offer of 1500 free chips the tnc's were 1500 played through once and anything over 1500 up to £100 after playthrough acheived is credited to your acount once you make your first deposit..
so i breezed through the 1500 challenge and deposited 20 which also got me a %100 welcome bonus
so i have my 20 in my acount and i activate both bonuses and am speaking to cs about tncs
i made one spin on agent blond and won £169
As soon as the spin come in she change what she said about forfeiting the bonus money


Erin: Thank you for contacting Support, Erin here, how can I help you?
Me: hi i just registered 20 pound i was jsut wondering how too get my welcome bonus
Erin: may I have your account number please
Me: 1 second
Erin: Thank you
Erin: a moment please
Erin: Thank you, your 100% match is in your account
Me: whats the playthrough on them
Me: i have the 100 bonus on there as well
Me: and is there max bets on them#
Erin: bonus amount multiplied by 30
Me: is the whole amount now a bonus amount includint my 20 deposit
Erin: 20 is cash and 120 is bonus
Me: can i seperate them
Erin: what do you mean?
Me: well it just says 140
Me: so if i play its jsut bonus
Me: sorry im new to this
Me: so i couldnt just withdraw my 20 cash
Me: or play with just the cash balance
Erin: minimum withdrawal amount is 50
Erin: you have 20 cash and 120 bonus
Erin: you will be able to see this if you move your mouse over the bottom right hand side of the screen
Me: kk im with u now and i have to play the 140 through
Me: to withdraw
Erin: yes
Erin: as you playing your cash balance will increase and decrease
Me: what if i want to deposit and not play the bonus cash
Me: do i have to play that off
Me: before
Erin: ok, let me explain it fully
Erin: you have a cash and bonus balance in your account currently, you will start playing with your cash money before you touch your bonus money. Say you hit the jackpot and would like to withdraw, you can withdraw and forfeit the bonus as you obtained those winnings on your cash money.
Erin: sorry
Erin: sorry
Erin: please disregard that
Erin: My mistake
Erin: You would need to play through the full bonus before you are able to withdraw
Erin: my apologies once again
Erin: are you still there
Me: yes thats not really fair becausse ive just won 300 on one spin then u change what tou siad
Me: i would rather forfeit the bonus and carry on
Erin: sorry
Erin: that does not apply to EuroPalace
Me: you work there and quoted that
Erin: I did correct myself when I realized my mistake
Erin: I am human at the end of the day
Erin: I can make mistakes

she clearly says i can am playing with my cash first then the bonus and if i wish to fofet i can the soon as that spin ends she says she made a mistake hmm
i have a screenie as well just not sure how to post it what do you guys think


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Jan 3, 2012
What a deal?!? :lolup: You can check on other online casino sites. My friend told me to try playing at *snip*, he told me it is better but haven't try it though.
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May 19, 2010
While the CS rep did make a mistake, this is how most bonuses work. You agreed to the written terms and conditions as soon as you accepted the bonus, it doesn't matter what a CS rep says, the written terms will be used in any dispute. You should have read them before accepting the bonus.


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Jan 20, 2004
Piss off you spamming scumbag

While the sentiment expressed here is understandable perhaps a less provocative choice of language might be in order. :thumbsup:


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Oct 14, 2004
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It seems the CS corrected the mistake right away without a delay.

Being able to sacrifice the bonus is an unusual rule variation in any case, and it is possible she was thinking of being able to have the bonus removed before placing any bets, and mistakenly answered this question before quickly realising she had got the wrong end of the stick.

Even those casinos that have this variation, it does not apply to the welcome bonus, but to loyalty bonuses offered to regular players.

All is not lost, there is every chance of coming out ahead after that win if you keep bets relatively low. Given that the deposit was only £20, even completing the WR with £50 left is a considerable profit.

Try slots like Munchkins on 0.75 or 1.05 - they are lower variance, but also the hit rate for bonus rounds is double that of Jane Blonde and other Thunderstruck variants, so less chance of being killed off by the variance.