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Jun 30, 1998

Leading developer and licensor of Internet gaming software desires sale of all or part of their operation, licensed in the Netherlands Antilles. Sophisticated jurisdiction control technology allows blocking of selected jurisdictions on a case by case basis. U.S. and Canadian players are currently not accepted, which results in a significant legitimacy premium as there is no other platform/operator of the size and history of this company that has NEVER accepted US players. The company has actually experienced growth over the past year in spite of market trends. This company is a growth stage technology company with lots of investment in up and coming products. Price will vary depending on amount of purchase price paid in cash, cash equivalents or stock. US$30-60 million. Serious and qualified inquiries contact Lynn Schneider at or call +636-946-0820.


So...who do you think this is? Grand Virtual maybe???
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Or who? any takers??
That's one hell of a negotiating range - 30 to 60 million! And they seem awfully coy about who they are, although that may be just River City shielding their commission possibilities.

Netherlands Antilles and big enough to ask that much - World Gaming? But they have US players.

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My guess as I mentioned before is Grand Virtual, mainly because they've never accepted US players and have successfully marketed to the non-US market. They've been around for a number of years, and they seem somewhat stagnant. They are nowhere as dynamic as Microgaming/Boss/or Crypto. Sounds like someone's getting ready to sell the shop and go fishing...

Definitely GV, I had this in my email a couple of weeks ago and again today. There is no other group blocking US customers that could even dare to claim an amount that much.

Frankly, though, it isn't worth that much any more - internally they've fallen apart, and they obviously haven't done anything to improve the software. I would be amazed if anyone even offered $10m for this group.

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