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Dec 11, 2007

Sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere in these forums, but the quick search didn't help much. The issue is quite simple: my game (Finer Reels of Life) was interrupted during the feature round, and I can't access it now. The Support rep claims that all MG casinos are currently experiencing the technical problem, however when I did try another casino, I could access the same game with no issues. What is this error_2 thing, and did the casino rep lie to me, or was he just genuinely clueless?

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Oct 3, 2010
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From what i have heard its on the casino site, but what i find strange that after all this time we are still getting this error2 code.
amazing it has not been fixed yet, i had it today at a casino couple of times, yesterday as well on another casino.
annoys the chit out of me :cool: it can be very frustratin after 100 spins without a bonus you think its about to hit, kaboom error2 code,
leave the game refresh the browser, start the game all over again. i know it shouldnt matter as you can hit bonus on first spin just as much as the 100th one.
but it still feels like your starting over chasing the big one :)


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Apr 15, 2012
Hi guys,

somewhere along the lines i covered error 2 in depth but i cant dig that thread up :/

Fleur, the rep didnt lie to you. While we all use MGS games we are all connected to different sets of MGS servers. When a player plays the game on quickfire, they communicate with MGS servers which also communicate with casino servers.

If any of those connections break or network experiences issues, or your internet breaks - it will all result in error "2" which translates into a communication error.

FOr what its worth - it wasn't you or your connection, we experienced it across the board. MGS confirmed the issue is resolved now. We are continuing to monitor.