Eplain to me INET


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Jul 11, 2008
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Coupons must be redeeemd in the following order; Coupon #1, Coupon #2, Coupon #3. Full wagering and terms must be met on each coupon. Should any requirements not be met all play/winnings on all coupons claimed as part of this promotion will be void. Should a coupon be claimed out of order play/winnings on that coupon will be void.

Players do not have to claim all coupons, they can stop at any point during the sequence should they so wish

What if I don't meet WR which anyone hardly does, can you still continue? What if you win on first coupon can you cash out and receive payments in time to meet your time requirements?

WEas just reading for hell of it and was confused as hell


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Dec 17, 2007
I'm pretty sure that if you win using coupon #1 you can cashout. I guess what they don't want you to do is to first use coupon #3 then #1 etc...

In one of my emails to Inet I have mentioned that "I feel your T&C should
be worded more clearly"

Reply from Inet:
"The terms are extremely clear" :rolleyes: typical