EPASSPORTE has NOT paid me since 7/17/2007


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Jul 5, 2007
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Hi! This is my first post to CasinoMeister. I feel like I'm getting nowhere with Epassporte (EP), so I finally decided to let a huge community know about my problem.


Basically I withdrew $300 on 7/17/2007 and it still has not come into my Washington Mutual checking account. However, I have received money from Epassporte into my checking account multiple times in the past - as a matter of fact I have withdrawn $300 succesfully 16 times since I joined up in February, 2007. The last time I received money was on 5/14/2007 and this is what it looks like in my online banking account:

05/14/2007 EPASSPORTE.COM 8773727790 707ZZFQ4 +$300.00 $536.43

I waited the 7-10 business days after I withdrew the money, patiently waiting for the withdraw. On the 11th day or whatever is when I started calling. I think I've called them 10 times on this matter and have sent at least a dozen emails to them. I've emailed them through their Epassporte web site internal customer support service, and I've sent emails to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]"", [email protected]"", [email protected]"" from my Yahoo account. It takes at least a week before they'll reply to you, sometimes two weeks or more! Also they like to say "it will take 10 business days to finish this investigation". Well, assuming no federal holidays, 10 business days = 2 weeks!

At one point they said to email my Online bank statement as an HTML attachment, which I did on 8/16/2007. Here's the acknowledgement of that:

From: Epassporte Customer Service
Received: Aug 22, 2007 12:32 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Money I withdrew from my ePassporte account has not appeared in my checking account: Where is my $300?


Thank you for your email. According to the account notes your bank
statment was forward to the accounts department as of 8/16/07. Once they
confirm the information received than you will be given an update.

I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us
for further inquiries.

Best regards,
Ana A​

Well, I didn't receive anything until today:

From: Account Verification - LR
To: XXXXXXXX (edited out by me)
Received: Sep 4, 2007 10:06 AM PDT
Subject: Tracking Ticket # 116692

We have contacted our processor and they have confirmed that the ACH
withdrawal was in fact successfully processed.

The funds have been deposited into your checking account. May we suggest
that you contact your bank and speak with a representative.

The following is the trace numbers for the ACH withdrawal:
July 17, 2007 Trace/Tracking Numbers: XXXXXXXXXXXXX (edited out by me)

When you speak with a bank representative ask them to locate the funds
using the trace numbers.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

What is especially INFURIATING about this email is they sent me almost the EXACT SAME EMAIL on 8/6/2007 - claiming that I have already been paid, with the same tracking number given.

So I have called my bank twice - and given them this "tracking number" - and they do not see it. There is no "block" or "hold" on my checking account since I have successfully received bank wires from Ultimate Bet and ACH transactions from Epassporte before. Of course I used to use Neteller in the "good old days" and it worked as well.

I got off of a ONE HOUR phone call to EP earlier this night (which 75% of the time was spent on HOLD). This time, I was actually able to get through to the customer support representative's supervisor! In the past I asked to do this and they would just say that that is not possible. Well, this time the supervisor said she'd reopen my ticket, but she said that she could not guarantee that anything new would happen since TWO TIMES now their Payment Processor has told EP that they paid me.

As you can imagine I have given them a piece of my mind. I said that the least EP could do is to pay me and REFUND the $2 fee they charged me for the non existent withdrawal - that would go a long way towards restoring my confidence in them.

I was actually able to get a physical address to EP from her, which previous representatives denied me. I just checked on USPS.COM and it is a valid address:

13428 Maxella Ave
Suite 563
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292

However, earlier on a web search I saw it mentioned that they're actually based out of Curacao - wherever that is. So I'm not sure about this. It gets weirder - they have a "Business Accounts" phone number of +1.416.703.7200 - and a Google search shows that 416 is in Toronto, Ontario!
Also their Fax Number (1.310.564.1751) is in LA! That seems VERY FISHY!

To make matters worse, one time they lost $300 in my account when their web server crashed - and it took them I think 3 weeks to credit that back to my account - that was the last major problem I had with them, which to their credit they solved.

But it seems to me they are dragging their foot on this one. I asked who the payment processor is and they won't tell me. I told them that THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, and that it's THEIR job to fix this problem - I shouldn't have to go through all this trouble with addresses and payment processors and what not.

Now I've used CasinoMeister once before when Empire Casino didn't pay me - I pitched a bitch and I got paid within the week (THANKS!). Unfortunately I do not think that the Pitch a Bitch feature works with Online Payment Processors such as EP.

So I'm telling you all in the forum. Maybe you can help me out with some ideas.

Now that I know the address, I suppose I could call the Attorney General of California and file a complaint, perhaps also contacting the Better Business Bureau.

I don't know what to do I feel like crying about it. I asked one customer service rep one time, "Am I going to ever see my $300" and she said, "Yes". I feel like that is a LIE now.


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Jul 5, 2007
Cedar Hill, TX
No, I haven't gone to my bank as I don't feel there is a need to.

As I said, I already CALLED my bank twice and they don't see anything relating to any tracking number. If they did, I'd already see the $300 in my account! I don't think going there physically will make any difference, but I guess I will try.

By the way I also had a Neteller balance and got my money back from Neteller (if that is what you are referring to) - $800 was ACH'd to my checking account the very next day. So I don't see how your Neteller problem relates to mine.

CasinoMeister? Do you know anybody at EPASSPORTE who can help me?

I'm still waiting from a call from EPASSPORTE -:lolup:- I'm not holding my breath


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Jul 5, 2007
Cedar Hill, TX

OK, I did go in person to the Washington Mutual bank and it did not make any difference. They would know about a $300 deposit if it were there.

SO I HAVE STILL NOT BEEN PAID BY THESE GUYS! They stole $300 of mine as far as I'm concerned! Twice they have claimed they contacted their payment processor (a process that in itself takes at least 2 weeks) and they claim it is out of their hands and the payment processor paid me. But they won't even TELL me who the freaking Payment Processor is.

It's been over 3 months now..


Actually, I'm so angry about this, I'm willing to hire a lawyer to try to get this $300 back. I have some extra money now and I want to take them on. I think I'll start by writing a letter to their address first, something along the lines of "I need my money by XX-XX-2007, and I will take legal action if I do not receive said funds by XX-XX-XXXX". Ideas?
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Jan 20, 2006
next time you want to cash out from e-wallet, I would copy and print out the balance and print out the comformation number after you withdraw. Just make it easier to duputed.

Make a copy of your bank statement and send it to epassport and let them know that 300 dollars is not deposited. They will look in to it futher.

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