EPassporte e-mails account name and password.


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Mar 16, 2004
Just a heads up: Epassporte recently sent me an e-mail that they changed my password without my request. This happened to several other people as well.

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In the e-mail they included the user name and the new password. This is definitely not secure, and if your password was changed and e-mailed, I highly recommend you log in to your Epass account and change your password to something else.
Yeah, I noticed that..same thing happened to me and I thought it was really strange (I immediately ran virus/spyware scans, also changed the password they emailed me once I logged into my account). Thank you for this post ... at least I know now I'm not just paranoid :)
Neteller too.

Neteller also does this. I never ran accross them changing the password without a request, but when you request your account information from them, it's sent via email.

PGP is so easy to use, I'm surprised more companies that deal with such sensitive information don't use it...either that, or simply have the customer call to get the information.
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