EntroPay muck-up, and wtf?


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Mar 10, 2005
Ok, so yesterday EntroPay sent me an email offering a "great" bonus for signing up at PartyCasino and/or PartyPoker. :rolleyes:

*history: I had used EntroPay many, many eons ago before they pulled out of the US.

Needless to say this pi$$ed me off, so I fired back a reply telling them to close my account immediately and to quit contacting me. FTR, they closed my account within a few minutes of receiving my reply.

Then I get this today:

Dear Brian,

You might have recently received an e-mail from EntroPay regarding a promotion we are offering with PartyGaming. PLEASE NOTE: This e-mail was sent in error.

Due to online gambling restrictions in the US, we do not offer our Virtual Visa card to US users. You previously attempted to open an EntroPay account and your registration would have been blocked as your country of residence is on our restricted country list. We have kept your information on file, should US regulations change in the future, and as a result your name was mistakenly included on this recent e-mail.

We sincerely apologize for this error. At EntroPay, we take online gambling regulations very seriously and always abide by country-specific laws. We have worked hard to maintain a high level of professionalism amongst our users and will work even harder to continue to do so in the future. Thank you for your understanding.


Barbara Durand
Marketing Manager.
My rebuttal:

For the record, banks are not required to implement UIGEA restrictions as of this date. They were due to be put in place on Dec 1, 2009, but have been delayed another 6 months. It is not even known at this point if they will be put into affect at that time or not.

There are plenty of banks to choose from that still support online gaming purchases, so as you can see, EntroPay's decision to pull out of the US market was very premature.

For what it's worth, please don't bother contacting me *if* EntroPay ever re-enters the US market.


*Anyone who remembers the Neteller "Cheers!" video will understand why I put this in my email. ;)

PS: WTF? EntroPay is now an affiliate of PartyGaming?


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