Entropay is now a "no-go" for U.S. too...


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Feb 4, 2006
Upon trying to open an account with them and went through most of the steps, etc., I received an email from them:

Thank you for your registration. However, due to recent US legislation, it is no longer possible for EntroPay to continue being used for US gambling transactions. In order to remove the risk of accidentally not complying with Federal Law we have taken the decision to scale down and then stop offering our services to all customers from the United States. As part of this process, we would like to thank you for your business.

What gets me about this (not so much blaming EntroPay but I wonder if input from my bank had something to do with this after they made the verification deposits)...EntroPay is advertised primarily as a "pre-paid" Visa card to be used for online purchases (not highlighting gambling, but shopping, etc., and even advertising a actual card you can receive just like any other debit card for use other than online). Guess they just didn't want to take a chance..
Affiliate program is out of US, too

Betrev and the US - this has been received by affiliates, I understand. The comment about "alternative plans" is interesting....


Unfortunately due to our Software provider, Playtech being a listed company our casinos are no longer able to accept transactions from US players. This will have no effect on monies owed to our affiliates. It simply means that as of the 16th October, US players were unable to make any deposits at our casinos. Payments for this month will be made shortly. Please note that we are in the process of making an alternate plan for our much valued US clientele and affiliates.

It's not ALL bad…

Although the loss of US players to Betrev is a significant one, we are extremely positive about the future of this great industry. The European market is blossoming and many of you are already sending us some great traffic. If you would like to know what the demographic of your traffic looks like, please email me and I will provide you with a breakdown. I have made the request with Playtech to include this feature in the reporting backend so hopefully this will updated shortly.


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