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Oct 14, 2004
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Welcome to Casinomeister Littlebit, I see this was your first post.
I am sorry I didn't see this thread earlier as I have been on GG rather a lot recently.

While GoneGambling may promote casinos that are not on the casinomeister list, the site does make it clear that potential players should do their own research before signing up.
I believe about half of the GG members just play for fun and do not join the casinos.
I agree that a casino needs to commit a "bigger sin" to be removed from GG than from Casinomeister. (Sunny Group are one such sinner, and the reason for their removal is still available on the site).
Mansion, who was removed here due to trouble with their video poker, have sent me an E-mail "confession" and credited me with 2% of my turnover. It seems they have bowed to pressure here and compensated all players affected.
Slotland do seem to have courteous CS. I have not played there much, but I understand that all the games are "slots", whatever they may look like.
Casino Rewards are a bit of a pain in the neck at times, but I have managed to prise quite a few bonuses from them, except that many still remain unpaid! (other than this, they have behaved themselves - no locked rewards account, and I have become an "elite VIP" with one of the fancy keyfobs). They at least have paid my cash-ins in the expected timeframe, not like Jackpot Factory, who seem to pay OK for a while then suddenly screw up and lose one.
I have tried Entercasino through GG, but have not had the good fortune to manage a cash-in yet, so cannot assess what is probably the most important factor for a casino to get right.
As for GG not being choosy, I have come across many forums and sites that really will promote pretty much anything. I fell victim to one of these before I found out about Casinomeister, and became aware of all the dodgy outfits that some sites are prepared to promote. Taking a look at the full list of casinos promoted on GG, there are many that are accredited here, as well as some that have started out well and disappointed a little.

The main aim behind GG is to extend the playing time of deposits, as $50 per month in a member casino entitles players to win extra bonuses by playing the games on the GG site. I would recommend GG particularly to players who have a limited amount of playing dollars, although any player can gain a little extra as for the high rollers there are various extra high roller bonuses for between $300 and $700 deposited per month per casino.

I have also hit my first ever progressive Jackpot at GG! - on the Stormy Weather slot, which is probably my favourite game there (the meteorological theme has a particular appeal to me).


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Sep 29, 2003
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Boy, I sure stepped in it! :oops:

My only point in posting was that I am tremendously loyal to Gonegambling as well as Casinomeister and to who sponsors both sites. I just hate to see either site kicked around...Looks like you meant no harm, and perhaps I did take it personally. Oh well, I've done worse.

I dont understand. Do you mean that as long as Gonegambling can resolve all issues with regard to players signed thru their site, the promotion of the casinos in question is justified? There should be more to it because if a casino has questionable ethics, a reliable portal should refrain from promoting it although it may resolve each and every issue with regard to the players that signed through this portal. How about the rest of the players that are screwed?

Interesting...I really have never given it that much thought. I'm just a player who has confidence that if I sign up through either site that I'm covered. I have kind of a "loose" knowledge of who to stay away from, and if I'm not sure, I just check here. I do know that GG dropped one of the biggest sponsors at the time (sunnygroup) for questionable ethics that had no effect (as I remember) on any GG players at the time. In fact, the action probably caused the site quite a bit of financial harm at the time. I'm not an insider and don't pay terribly close attention to problems or complaints unless they affect me or have the potential to. I really haven't thought of this in the broader sense, so good point.

I said "please don't hurt me, GreedyGirl!" which I thought made it clear that I was chiding her. The truth is that I really do want GreedyGirl to hurt me.)

(or at least I'll wait 5 minutes after you drink it)

Whenever I feel the strong impulse to gamble, I drink another beer.)

:lolup: You're killing me.


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Mar 10, 2005
Just recieved some indirect spam from Entercasino today.

They're boasting "Since 1996".

Is that for Empire or Entercasino itself?

Which came first, Intercasino or Entercasino?

Thanks ;)


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Jun 17, 2004
they enthusiastically promote Casino Rewards Group, Mansion & Slotland. Do a search here for any of those and I'm sure you'll see they're candidates for the less-than-savory hall of shame.

Mansion just gave most of its customers a free, no strings attached, $1,000. They had an error in their VP, but made full restitution. Why in the hell would they belong in a hall of shame?


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Jul 19, 2006
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:) Speaking of GG....What ever happened to its Auction for GG points? Did I miss it in the newsletter? Ive been trying to get "live help" for a week but nobody is ever "dropping in" to answer.


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Aug 25, 2004
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I just had a quick look at the EnterCasino website, and I was frankly appalled!

First there were numerous annoying pop-ups inviting me to download or claim a 'Free $500'
Then I started searching for the terms & conditions of the $300 sign-up bonus - and couldn't find them:
There is no T&C link under the $300 welcome section.
Had to search deeply to find it is actually 2 bonuses; 100% to $100 and then 50% to $200 on second deposit of $400 - Both phantom & most games not allowed in WR.

While I was looking a 'Live Chat' pop-up window appeared offering me another bonus.... WTF???
(See below - excuse the language!)
No answer after 10-minutes....


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Aug 1, 2006
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KasinoKing, Oh my, now that is funny stuff, I don't mean that in a bad way. I read your post and just busted up laughing because it caught me offguard lol :).


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Jul 24, 2006
good stuff kk! i lol'ed!


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Mar 18, 2006
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they crossed the line and KK invoked his "eff u" policy.

you have to work to cross the line with a reserved Brit. Old Attachment (Invalid)
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