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Aug 14, 2001
Dear Bryan, need your help
I have been a 3 years player at English Harbour casino. My username is tehr00167350. Recently I made a cashin of around $1055.
They devided my cashin as follows: $152 to credit card. $498 to credit card again. and the rest $400 in check. I received the check, received the $152 refund but my bandk refused to accept the $498 refund to my credit card. This refusal came after the sent the $498 after 5 days from the $152 after which my bank and other banks started to refuse to accept any purchase or refund coming from gaming companies. Now I sent english harbour and their credit card processing company ecexchaneg company a notice about this but after 20 days from this incident they still refuse to give me back the $498. They say that they have refunded them, and my bank clearly states to me and to everybody that IT REFUSES TO ACCEPT IT, but ecexchange does not recognuize this and still insist that they refunded the money. I asked them several times to send me a receipt or even a tracking code to track the money MYSLELF and see where they are but they refuse to answer my e-mails, and just send me an e-mail saying "WE HAVE PROCEECED YOU CASHIN, if it was returned we would have processed it again!"
WHY DO THEY REFUSE TO GIVE ME EVIDENCE, there must be some kind of receipt or electronic number which enables me to track the money!!
Please contact them and see yourself.

Thank you
Hi jgeroousis!

Sorry for the late response, but I was in the process of reorganizing the forum when I came upon your posting.

I'll contact the casino on your behalf.

hello Bryan
Thank you man for contacting them. I think you contacte d them yesterday on Sept4; today sep5 I got a message frmo them and they returned my money back!!!!!

Who are you man??? are you the manager?? just kidding

Thank you again
Dear Bryan...
I am very sorry to inform you that I have played with the money they put me in my account, and they became $708. I made a cashin in 6th sept. And asked them to send me a check by FEDEX (They offer this service).. Now and after one month and we are October 6th, I received nothing.. I send them e-mails everyday asking about my check and they say we will contact you after 24 hours after we contact our bank, and so on.. Beleive me I email them on daily basis.. and I need the money badly and they did not send me any Check by Fedex and now they stopped replying to my e-mails!!!!
Please bryan help and e-mail them and let them send me the check by Fedex and give me a TRACKING NUMBER to prove that they send it!!!
I do not beleive them anymore!
Hi jgerousis,

Sorry for the delay but I was in Vegas and CA.

I'll contact the casino to see what's up.

I've just been informed that the player (jgerousis) has been fedexed his winnings and he has been emailed his tracking number!

Dear Bryan,
Thanks Again...
I just now received the e-mail from them and the fedex tracking... I am very happy because you helped me!!!
Can you imagine that I cahsed in Sept6th as you see above, and one now on October 12th they sent me my winnings!!!! And if you did not contact them, they would never have sent me my winnings!

But now, I am waiting to receive the check to see the amount!!! I feel they have not sent me the whole amount!!! I do not trust these guys ever!!!

From Agust 14th, my problems started and just now October 12 they send my winnings!!! What customer service is this!!!
English Harbour are I believe associated with CaribbeanGold Casino or vice-versa. They are refusing to pay me over $400 in credits which they themselves acknowledge were credited to my account.

They are rude and their administration have no regard for customer service.
I have been informed that this player will receive his cheque for $400 from English Harbour within a few days, and that the problem has been resolved to the satisfaction of both EH and the player!


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