English Harbour stealing my winnings!


Dormant account
Jan 6, 2006
I signed up for an account at English Harbour, deposited $275, and was credited a bonus of $275. I played for a while, won $550, and completed the wagering requirement. When I requested a cashout for $1100 I was only given $275 back and my account was locked. When I called to find out what the problem was I was the person on the phone listed off about 5 other casinos claiming I had played at all of them(I had only played at one of them...) and that this wasn't allowed and there was nothing they could do. So...they let me deposit, if I lose they keep my money, if I win they refund my deposit and keep my winnings, seems like a pretty good deal for them. I've put in a PAB and tried PMing the Casino Host but I've yet to get any response from anyone, what else can I do???
You've made two smart first moves, so give Bryan or the rep here a chance to sort this out.

On the face of your post, you have a good case ie you accepted their offer, you played diligently to the casino's T&Cs (including the multiple accounts rule) you presumably have no record of chargebacks etc....so you should be paid the full amount.

If they want to lock you out after that, that's their decision, but they first need to pay you.
BBKPoker said:
and they continue to steal....
Before accusing them of criminal activity, how about giving people a chance to check into what had happened? Thank you.

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