Energy Casino verified my account and will not pay winnings!!


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May 28, 2018
On Friday 25th i created an account at Energy Casino a Casino that i have never played at before. I registered using my email address and all the Exclusive Casino Bonus Codes 2018 - Casinomeister details for my address, birthdate etc.

I initially deposited £400 and lost and then deposited another £300. I peaked in winnings at £6800 and ended up cashing out £4980 after 7-8hours of playing.

I then started the process of my withdrawal and recieved the email “please verify your account” which is pretty standard especially for this amount of money. I followed the account verification process and shortly after recieved an email stating my account had been verified and i can use my account freely.

I withdrew the money again and this is where the issue starts. My account was then blocked with no explanation so i contacted live chat who were not helpful at all!! They claimed i was self excluded from the casino and that i would need to wait until Monday to speak to the responsible gambling team. An email was sent to me today (27th May 2018) claiming payment of £700 has been made (how much i deposited) and will show up on my statement, again with no explanation.

I am still yet to hear from the casino and have searched through my emails to look for any notifications where i may have transacted with them previously (incase i had and forgotten and i hadnt). I have now sent an email to the casino explaining all this and asking for proof where they have notified me i am self excluded and how my account has been verified in the first place. I have issued 14 days notice to them to pay all money owed otherwise court proceedings will take place on the grounds of unfair, incomplete and prejudicial terms.

I have email where they verified my account but it wont let me upload to the thread.

Any support/advice would be greatly appreciated

Energy Casino

Energy Casino Representative
Mar 15, 2018
Dear Webbyjoe,

Thank you for the message.

Unfortunately, due to the of the subject of this case, I am not able to provide any details via forum. I have checked with Energy Team the situation regarding your thread and you should be receiving explanation from them until tomorrow.

In case you have any other questions, please contact me on private and I will try to help out as much as I can.

Kind Regards,