Question Endorphina gamble feature: Is it a true 50/50 gamble? Someone know how it works?


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Sep 21, 2013
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So Endorphina slots have a high card gamble feature after any winning spin.

It's a high card, low card feature. Higher card than the dealer = double up, lower card = lose your win. There's also a joker that I assume beats anything - only saw it on the player side. I didn't see any help description anywhere for the gamble feature.

But unlike most of these gamble features, you're shown the dealer card before selecting your own, with the option to just take your win instead.. I assume your card isn't picked completely randomly from the rest of the deck, but does someone know how it works?

If the dealer shows a 3, do you have an an advantage by choosing gamble? What if the dealer shows a 2, you'd be a fool not to take the gamble, right? Maybe it's always worth gambling in case you get a 2 next time, since the joker can always bail you out (though the dealer 2 seems rare). From some experimentation, it seems pretty close to a fair 50/50 gamble, but not sure if the chance of a 2 comings makes anything different.

So I'm not sure if this is really a true 50/50 gamble or something else, whether hitting the 96% RTP requires you to play the gambles, or whether the gambles are a bonus on top of the 96%, or if it just doesn't matter at all what you do and they really are just coin flips.

(I know there was an endorphina thread earlier here that talked a bit about the gambles, but this didn't really get answered there: Endorphina From that thread, supposedly this gamble feature came from video poker games previously.)


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Dec 5, 2013
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no its not.

ive had situations where i pull the highest card (so there are no possible outs for me) and in that case its 0% gamble :p I did ask trace about it and this was his explanation

No I haven't said all gambles are 50/50. I have said all gambles need to run at 100% RTP. Gambles can take many forms ....

so obviously its not 50% (and doesnt have to be 50-50) but it has to be 50-50 in the long run. Not sure if thats stated anywhere in endorphina slots rules though.


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Jul 22, 2004
You can see the RTP numbers in game.
2: 162%
3: 121%
4: 113%
5: 101%
6: 100%
7: 100%
8: 100%
9: 92%
T: 78%
J: 69%
Q: 66%
K: 64%
A: 42%

So yeah, since some of those numbers are over 100%, you need to check the gamble after every win and gamble on and 2-5 to reach the stated RTP of the game, since there is no way they'd actually give you a higher RTP than stated.


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Sep 21, 2013
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Thanks, where were those numbers located in game? Didn't see them.

Still uncertain though - does that mean you're supposed to gamble on a 6-8? Because that's a neutral gamble - but if you win, you get another gamble that could be positive.

If so, I might have made a huge error in not gambling a big win... oh well.

The other weird thing with that is that it would make autoplay a big loss... and pretty much anything else than constantly gambling wins a big loss.

Edit: Also might be paranoid playing these games on a bonus, since technically the double up feature is part of the game but you never know how casinos will react to it. If it's needed to achieve the stated RTP, there's no way you should be punished, but who knows what could happen.
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Dec 12, 2017
if you get card no 2 then your gambling is safe (free from rizk) as this is the lower number on it, but always be careful if you are on wagering majority of casinos dont allowed to gamble winnings