Endless Problems at Big Dollar Poker !(Prima Poker) Kinda Long


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Oct 18, 2003
Hi all.

Hmm where do I start?

Well I played at a site called big dollar poker. I requested a cashout via PPATM. After 4 days I did not get the cashout. My husband and I both called the support center, if you can call it that. We sort of traded off he would call one day I would email the other. Too much stress for one person to deal with alone. We asked why we did not get it yet. They proceeded to tell us it was because, we had not entered a backup funding method. This made no sense to me because why would they need that, if they did not forsee any delays. It made be suspicious to say the least. Anyway, I registered the backup method which was a check.

I then contacted support again to let them know of this and they said ok. Furthermore, I told them that I did not want a check sent, that was just for backup. I wanted it sent to Prepaid Atm. They said sure no problem. As long as I used it in the last 6 weeks to fund they could do that. I had indedd used it 5 days prior.

Anyway 4 more days go by and I get an email. It says "Your cashin has been processed. I am like yippee. I go on to read and it says "We are pleased to inform you that your cashout has been processed a check for $xxx has been sent. Please note that it may take up to 21 working days for the check to arrive. At this point I was furious. I contacted support and told them what was going on. I asked why a check was sent when I told them 5 different times to send it to PPATM. Of course no one there knew. They said they would forward the cancellation request to Proc cyber services. I said ok, and asked how long this would take. They informed me, that it takes up to 4 working days to cancel a check. I was so upset, I could not understand why they would make the player wait even longer for their screw up.

Anyway, another 5 days went by, and I got an email stating that my cashout was processed and transferred to my prepaid atm account. I thought to myself, finally this was resolved. I was so wrong. I checked my PPATM account and the transfer was not sent. I called support once again, and asked about it. They told me that it takes up to 3 working days, for PPATM to process it. Well anyone who uses PPATM, knows this is not the case. PPATM processes transactions immediately once they are sent.

It is one thing to make a mistake. It is another to blatently lie to a player about their cashout.

On the subject of proc cyber services. This company has to be the most incompentent financial processor on the internet. These people when called, could never help me. They told me that, I had to contact the big dollar poker site for assistance with my cashout. They told me that they only do back-end processing for them. I asked them a simple question. "Do you guys send out the money?" They replied "yes we do". I then asked, well if you send the money how come you cannot give me any information. Their response was, that it is just their policy. Nevertheless this was making a bad situation even worse. Big dollar could not help me and proc cyber was unable to help. I was at their mercy.

Finally after 2 weeks I got the cashout. Mind you this was supposed to take 2 days as advertised on the site.

You would think that they would offer me compensation for the mistake and all the time and frustration I endured. But no I had to ask for it. They put in the request to the marketing dept. Who took 4 days to tell them I deserved to no compensation.

It is funny how the department who handles things are always somewhere else. Support can never help. They are in different time zones, and it seems they never work. They even used the exuse of columbus day as to why my cashout was being further delayed. These people are not even in the United states, let alone celebrate Columbus Day PPATM is not even a bank they process these tranfers 24/day 365 days a year.

Long story short, I would not recommend anyone playing on Big dollar poker, or using proc cyber services. These people made a simple process painful, and caused me a lot of stress. They really need to take some management classes, to see how a successful buisness ran. I seriously don't think I would have ever gotten my money if it were not for me calling 3 times a day and pressuring them to do it. By the way prima poker operates big dollar poker as well as 15 other poker rooms. They all most likely operate the same way. They all use proc cyber, and all use the same software. That part may be speculation.

FYI I do have the email correspondence if anyone wants to have a look. So many worthless aplogies in them. Typical all talk no action.

Any comments welcome.

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