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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Dear Player,

Congratulations - you are eligible to receive a 25% up to $150* reload bonus
on your next deposit anytime between April 6th at 0:01am EST and April 10th at

All you have to do is enter bonus code EPMANIA when depositing, and you will
be rewarded with 25% free up to $150*.

See you at the tables,

Empire Poker Promotions Department
FYI... I was disappointed to see that Empire bonuses have apparently gone the way of Party Poker bonuses... i.e. you only have 7 days to claim them.

With such a short time period, I usually end up playing a bunch of low-limit games at the last minute, and playing poorly enough that I just break even after bonuses.

I didn't even claim the last couple Party bonuses because of this. :(
Empire really blew it on this one to me. Yet another example of how Empire is my least favorite Party skin. The day before this bonus they gave me a $10 bonus with a ridiculous 300 raked hand requirement. I sent them 7 emails to get them to clear this up and remove the bonus. They ignored every one of them. I decided to pass on the bonus as this $10 bonus I never asked for would have taken 1/3 longer to clear just $10 then for my entire $150 bonus. I could not justify giving them any business if they ignored my emails and gave me some bonus that almost seemed intentional to make my bonus clearing harder. I would have to clear this $10 before any of my $150 bonus would clear. Of course the bonus expires the day after the reload bonus ends.

Yet another terrible Empire CS experience.

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