New Slot Announcement Electric Avenue (DHV clone), (MG, All41Studios)


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May 22, 2012
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It's like one of those Chinese knock-offs of Range Rovers they make over there. Look vaguely the same cosmetically but are shit under the skin. This sort of thing makes developers look like unimaginative tossers in all honesty. Er...we too tight to pay the license fees or provider fee to offer the game, so we'll spew up some inferior copy.

Who the f*ck are the subjects? They look like rejects from the 80's series Fame, except they've even skimped on the music so instead of a proper soundtrack DHV has, we get some computer-generated cacophony of shite.


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Mar 8, 2016
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Electric Avenue has a great vibe. It reminds me of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, it's just another frustrating and highly volatile machine. Could not get the bonus. It reminds me more of Queen of Riches than Danger: High Voltage. I guess if you get lots of high multipliers it can pay but there's better megaway slots out there.


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Aug 22, 2017
Well bonanza has produced hundreds of clones!! Not just just from MG.

In fact is there another provider that hasn’t had a crack at it yet??!!!

IMO the original still is and always will be the best even tho it often makes you never want to never play another slot again sometimes.

I personally can’t stand DHV. Never delivers anything to me personally and my RTP across a 6 figure amount of spins is now less than 80%. I’m sure many would think the same with those figures. Constant expensive costs for features that deliver an average of about 10-40X

But I appreciate those that run better on it will have a very different view.

Having said that I still play it several time’s a week. It’s just to ‘due’ not to!!!

As players we are all going to favour slots that have been kind to us, but even tho this has been awful to me I still appreciate it’s a good game. I hope my loyalty will pay off one day!!


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Jun 11, 2008
Played this today at 20p spins with £25 and my balance went down quicker than a cheap hooker

highest win was 6x in the base

and 3x

then every other win was 2x or lower