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Mar 10, 2005
These guys should have just stayed with prima. This software sucks more than the old s/w did. I'll never deposit a dime there anymore...Registered for a freeroll to check it out, first it's so slow, now it tried to change my table....guess what? Can't even log back in and take my seat because it locks up each and every time.

Anyone else have any similar experiences, or is it just me?

[edit] ok, it called me a liar, it stays locked up for a good 2 minutes, then I finally get to the table. Still way too slow.

[edit*2] Locked up yet again...screw it, isn't worth my time.
lol yep. I figured it was locked up as it wasn't responding, etc...so I tried it again and waited for it to run its course, and it actually did open the table...after 2 minutes :D
pokeraddict said:
What network are they on now? Did they move with Parbet to Tain? I have head nothing but bad things about that move too.

That's right - there was a piece on this in Casinomeister News.

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